2Pac Resurrected by Dre and Snoop at Coachella In Chilling “Project Bluebeam” Likeness

By Silver Vigilante
April 16, 2012

pacUsually I won’t comment on such things, and leave it to others, but this was so chilling I couldn’t help myself.

Coachella was certainly a production this year, and with all the money in it, it would be no surprise that some of the keystone, illuminist corporations on the planet partook in some of its direction.

There was no doubt that, broadcasted over the “not evil” Google-owned YouTube, millions of people would view the Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg performance. And surely, this is what happened.

Alongside Tupac Shakur, the entertaining set featured appearances by 50 Cent and Eminem. Wait, that’s right, the set of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg featured a resurrected 2pac!

Whilst watching this set, one could not bet turned off by the fact that 2pac was depicted playing songs that were not a message of peace, like so many of his, but instead some darker, less positive songs. The digital reinterpretation of a 2pac concert was certainly realistic, and for that reason seems morbidly obscene. As if Dre and Snoop owned 2pac’s soul. It was weirdly ritualistic and spiritual, featuring ghosts sounds and church bells.

It was as if a gangster “Project Bluebeam” was unfolding on stage.  Project Bluebeam, for those of you unfamiliar, encompasses the United States government, through its military, resurrecting Jesus.  Can anyone say predictive programming?

I look forward to seeing what Vigilant Citizen has to say about this one.


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