Amir Alwani – Founder, Director, Editor, Writer/Reporter, Graphic Designer, Musician

Potent News exists to raise awareness and increase discussion about a lot of important issues and challenges that face our world today.

Subjects covered include tyranny, false-flags, geo-politics, science, health, weather, consciousness, philosophy, sacred geometry, mind-control and anything else that is relevant to an honest examination of the foundations of the world we happen to find ourselves living in.

Beyond that, the idea is to nurture and co-create a world that empowers the individual in a way that seamlessly surpasses the overwhelming control that the New World Order criminals seek to inject into the lives of all humans on the planet.

Amir Alwani founded Potent News in August of 2011.  His research and analysis has been cited by many publications including Activist Post, 21st Century Wire, Gnostic Media and Morgellons Research Group.

If the information here is new to you, try not to let it discourage you too much.  The more you share the information, the better chance we have of facing and solving the problems we’ve been plagued with.

Thank you for visiting.  :)

(note: The views expressed by the authors/individuals linked at this website are those of the individuals expressing those views and do not necessarily reflect the position Potent News takes on those matters.)


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