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VIDEO — Ian Jacklin of iCureCancer.com interviews Dr. Wil Spencer

I Cure Cancer
Apr 9, 2014

Ian Jacklin of iCureCancer.com interviews Dr. Wil Spencer

VIDEO — ‘Blockupy’ protesters set cars aflame amid clashes with police in Frankfurt

Mar 18, 2015

Some 350 people have been detained at the Blockupy protest in Frankfurt on the day the European Central Bank headquarters open in the city. Two police have been injured in clashes. Tear gas was used against protesters, who pelted stones and torched cars – READ MORE http://on.rt.com/ktenar


Life With Morgellons – Sunny’s Story

From Sunny Simmons

January ’08 – Sunny Simmons

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1977. Never in my worst nightmare could I have dreamed the events in my life in the past several years. My nightmare began back in the fall, 2001. This is when I developed what was thought to be contact dermatitis; a fancy name for skin rashes. Next, I was told it was head & body lice or even scabies. This was not too far from the impossible & considered to be just a job hazard. I worked as a Public Health Dept R.N. I was treated by my office docs, initially, without much thought to it. However by Nov. 2001 it was clear that something more involved was going on and I saw my first dermatologist. He did a few punch biopsies of sores on my legs and arm. These came back as inflamed tissue, negative for parasites. No further tests were done. I will never forget the last time I saw him. He came into the room with one assistant; he then left. Upon returning he had 4 assistants with him. He said to me, “I don’t know why you think you have bugs in your skin but you don’t. He gave me a prescription for Orap. I sat in my car in the parking lot and cried for a good hour. I never went back.

In January 2002, I was found by a local police officer wandering in the middle of the night in the midst of a severe thunderstorm. Thinking I was a victim of crime, I was taken to ER and had a CT scan, which was normal. I have no memory of this entire episode.

In April 2002, my hair on the left side of my head totally sloughed off while shampooing. About this time lab work by my general MD began coming back with severe anemia & abnormal differentials. However, my employer made me consult a Psychiatrist. This doctor (Psychiatrist and a long time collegue) was upset that my real illness was being ignored. He ordered a few tests just to get started and stated that an Infectious Disease Doctor should manage this. The MRI he ordered in May 2002, was not done until July 2002. It was shockingly positive for a few scattered unidentified lesions in the white matter of all areas of the brain. This was explained as possibly “normal aging process” However; the CT scan from Jan ’02 & previous MRI from 1997 were completely normal. (I was actually told that the MRI was normal and only found out the real results by accident).

This is just a brief view of how life changed for me after being infected with Morgellons. I’m sure all details are not necessary. I will just do a condensed version of my Medical Situation since being infected with Morgellons Disease. I was in a unique position to be able to view this situation from the patient’s side as well as the medical providers’.


BREAKING: US Plane Shot Down by Syrian Air Defenses Over Latakia

by 21WIRE
21st Century Wire
[Mar 17, 2015]

According to reports this morning from SANA, the Syria State News Agency, announced that a US reconnaissance aircraft, most likely a Predator drone, was shot down in Syrian air space just north of the city of Latakia.

Sources say that SANA has already broadcast footage of the wreckage on television, including details of signature parts and a wheel. If confirmed, this would be the first US aircraft to go down since ‘coalition’ airstrike in Syria began in September 2014.

Many fear that this, or a similar incident, could inflame an already tense situation between Washington and Damascus, and also Tehran, as the White House continue their efforts to manage a proxy war on the ground in Syria, and also airstrikes against supposed ISIS/ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq.

All of this is occurring in front of a backdrop where the US along with the P5 +1, attempting to reach a negotiated settlement over Iran’s nuclear future.


US Predator Drone (Image Wikicommons).

It is believed that the downed US aircraft’s mission originated from one of three likely deployment bases. Two of these are the Ali al Salem Air Base in Kuwait which houses the US Air Force’s 46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, and a joint Iraqi-CIA air base located in Erbil, Kurdistan in northern Iraq.


VIDEO — Morris Update 3

Mar 15, 2015

Morris speaks with Joaquin via Skype from his hospital bed in Cambodia. He is in stable condition, has some energy, we see him returning steadily to the Morris we know – but only if he completes his treatment. That is the big challenge right now.

Our ‘mystery man on the ground’ has affirmed that also according to his doctor, failing to complete treatment can see a total relapse within a few days, death within 10 days, and a high risk of non-responsiveness to anti-biotics (due to immunity) – this is normal if one does not complete the course.

We respect and even agree with the view that anti-biotics are terrible. They are. It’s a sub-optimal treatment which can also damage organs and the immune system.

However, this was all that was available to him. The anti-biotics do induce an immuno-suppressed condition. There is no doubt about that. This we do not disagree with.

The problem is that this was the course already started when he was in a coma. We did not choose this for him either. If he stops the treatment, the immuno-suppressed condition of the anti-biotics could see a total relapse and colonization of the bacterial infection which caused his meningitis.

This is the main problem right now. Also, we have been very moved by the outpouring of support so far. We ask only to those who haven’t given yet, to give a little something.

People may be surprised by our reach – the numbers who are seeing this seem to be well beyond the numbers that youtube counts – we know this from the letters and donations of support so far.

Please join us, with anything at all you can give, to get Morris back together again.

For the doubters, negativistic/contrarian personality disorder types, and paranoiacs, this is just another large piece of incontrovertible evidence that not only is Morris coming out of a state of total incapacitation, but that Joaquin Flores has been chiefly responsible for coordinating his care, issues with the hospital, and the British Embassy.

[via Save Morris facebook page, Mar 18, 2015: “Morris has checked into a hotel, and gone to see a British doctor that we set up for him named Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott has cleared him, thank god, and according to Morris says there is no fever, no problem with lungs, or other signs of meningitis.

Generally, good news so far.”]

VIDEO — Morris Update 2

Mar 14, 2015

Morris is Awake, and about half-way recovered. He attempted to leave the hospital where we, in an amazing coincidence, caught up with him by phone. A ‘mystery man’ there with him, who saw our Facebook Page ‘Save Morris’ has today been helping us coordinate things with him ‘on the ground’ and with the hospital. We were able to finally convince Morris to get back to the hospital, to complete his care.

[Save Morris facebook page]

Facebook: Colonialism 2.0

5553222-300x191by Tony Cartalucci
New Eastern Outlook

The Western media has attempted to portray Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious plan to get every human being online as altruistic at first, but later revealed as simply what could be called “profitable empathy.” In reality however, the truth is much more sinister, with Facebook already revealed to be much more than a mere corporation run by Zuckerberg and his “ideas”.

Facebook is the pinnacle of social engineering, an online operant conditioning chamber – also known as a Skinner box – that is being used to track, trace, document, and manipulate half of the entire online population. Despite users attempting to utilize Facebook to connect and communicate with individuals and organizations of interest, Facebook has turned its features against users, insidiously manipulating their timelines to show selected posts and updates while “soft censoring” others to manage public perception.

“Studies” have even been published proving the effectiveness of Facebook’s unethical social engineering. In one study, the emotions of users were successfully manipulated by selectively posting only negative or only positive posts from individuals or organizations on users’ contact lists.

A report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) titled, “Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks,” stated in its abstract that (emphasis added):

We show, via a massive (N = 689,003) experiment on Facebook, that emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness. We provide experimental evidence that emotional contagion occurs without direct interaction between people (exposure to a friend expressing an emotion is sufficient), and in the complete absence of nonverbal cues. Not only are the findings troubling – illustrating that Facebook possesses the ability to influence the emotions of its users unwittingly through careful manipulation of their news feeds – but the invasive, unethical methods by which Facebook conducted the experiment are troubling as well.

In another experiment Facebook manipulated the news feed of some 2 million Americans in 2012 in order to increase public participation during that year’s US presidential election.

Facebook was also an official sponsor of the US State Department’s training program preparing political subversion across North Africa and the Middle East years before the so-called “Arab Spring” unfolded. The very activists audiences around the world were told “spontaneously” sprung up across North Africa and the Middle East were in fact trained, funded, and equipped by the US State Department and various corporations including tech giants Google and Facebook years beforehand.


From Internet Troll to Psychopathy Expert: The Con-Artistry of Thomas Sheridan

by Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley

Sun, 19 Aug 2012 00:20 CEST

Compared to, say, ten years ago, a lot of people today are aware of and talking about psychopaths. On the one hand this is encouraging, but on the other, it’s a little troubling. It is heartening to see awareness of psychopathy breach the mainstream frequency fence here and there, but the signal-to-noise ratio, as with all knowledge relevant to the growth and survival of decent human beings, remains high on the ‘noise’ side. We see ridiculous studies in the news portraying psychopaths as curable and articles making the rounds about how not having a Facebook account may indicate that someone is a psychopath. We’ve also seen Twitter being touted as a tool for ‘spotting psychopaths’ and, just today, news that the US justice system is considering acceptance of biological evidence that someone is a genetic psychopath in court with a view to using it to mitigate the sentences of criminal offenders. The reasoning being that psychopaths can’t help being psychopaths, that they lack free will and therefore they bear diminished responsibility for their crimes.

Well, yeah, that’s exactly why they need to be held under lock and key permanently.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised that the burgeoning awareness of psychopathy has been vectored away from the truth of the matter in this way. This is an information war after all, so if the psychopaths in positions of power gauge that the ‘psychopath awareness train’ has left the station, they would naturally be working around the clock to load it with nuclear capabilities in the hope of derailing it, or at least sending it down the wrong track. The name of their game is to misinform people about what psychopaths are really like by trivialising and obscuring the issue: hence the proliferation of junk science that claims psychopaths can be cured, that psychopathology is a harmless evolutionary adaptation, or that psychopaths can be spotted based on analyses of their Twitter feed and Facebook page (or the lack thereof).

A case in point is an author who has written a couple of books of the issue. When Irish artist Thomas Sheridan published Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath in 2011, we initially felt that, overall, Sheridan had done a decent job of synthesizing the available information on psychopathy, which is largely walled in by academic jargon, and putting it together for a wider audience. Four of his five core characteristics of a psychopath were sound (except for ‘high testosterone’ – there’s no correlation between psychopathy and baseline testosterone), but we had reservations about some of the ‘secondary characteristics’ he listed as markers for psychopathy, and worried that they tended towards ‘spotting the psychopath’ based on visual cues, such as being able to read the condition in someone’s eyes.

Those of you who have read Dr. Robert Hare’s Without Conscience will remember that the best psychotherapists are fooled from time to time, even when they practically have a clipboard in front of them with a patient’s history that is stamped ‘Probable Psychopath’! Yet here was, Thomas Sheridan – a new author on psychopathology – stating with absolute certainty, in a book that provided no citations, that “when one becomes skilled in recognising these traits and pathologies, psychopath-spotting becomes relatively straight-forward.” [p.10]

Really? That certainly hasn’t been our experience. Sheridan also claimed in Puzzling People that “all psychopaths get it in the end.” [p.108] Not only is this not true, it must run counter to reality given that the vast majority of people are totally unaware of their existence – at least, they are limited to an awareness of psychopaths as mass-murdering sadists, whose numbers are tiny relative to the psychopathic population as a whole. Our research actually puts their number at around 6% of the global population (and that may even be conservative), so the overwhelming majority of the planet’s 420,000,000 psychopaths live from cradle to grave undetected, leaving a swathe of emotional, social and financial destruction in their paths. And this is to say nothing of the massive destruction wrought by the actions of psychopaths in positions of power in governments and corporations who almost invariable get away with mass murder.

Much of Sheridan’s Puzzling People read like it would not have been out of place on the Cassiopaea forum, so despite our reservations about some of Sheridan’s claims, we nevertheless endorsed his book and encouraged SOTT readers, family members and friends to pick up a copy. From correspondence with the author, we learned that he had been a big fan of our work for several years. He has also been a member of our forum since 2009, when he introduced himself as “Transsociopathica, Demonic Sociopath Entity Destroyer”.

Where Puzzling People was a compilation of the research and insights of others, Sheridan’s second book, Defeated Demons, Freedom from Consciousness Parasites in Psychopathic Society, is enriched with his own ‘original’ material. The long and short of it is that Defeated Demons is ‘not even wrong’.

In a section called ‘The Self-Raised Predator’ (p.24), Sheridan proclaims that the fact that psychopaths are born into this world is “propaganda by the pathologically-driven, genetics-obsessed elitist faction that psychopathy is ‘all in the genes’… a myth peddled by prescription-happy psychiatrists… and creating enormous anxiety among ordinary people.” Raising the issue of psychopaths in power abusing research into genetic psychopathy is one thing; throwing the baby out with the bathwater by stating that there is no genetic component to psychopathy is something else altogether. Whether or not Sheridan realised it, by doing so he discarded the core problem of psychopathy altogether. By definition, psychopaths are born, not made. According to all of the psychiatrists and psychologists that have spent years researching the topic, and psychopaths themselves, psychopathy is not an acquired mental illness that can be fixed.


VIDEO — 108Morris108 Update 1

Mar 12, 2015

Facebook page:
Morris’ Channel:

VIDEO — 108Morris108 may die! He needs your help!

Mar 10, 2015

Journalist Maurice Herman, aka 108Morris108, has fallen into a coma in Cambodia. Together, we can find his family, and raise funds for hospital expenses.


via Facebook Page: Save Morris
[Mar 10, 2015]

  • Short Description: Journalist Maurice Herman, aka 108Morris108, has fallen into a coma in Cambodia. Together, we can find his family, and raise funds for hospital expenses
  • Email: findmeflores@yahoo.com


[Potent News editor’s note: I estimate that I probably posted at least 100 or 200 of Morris’ videos on PotentNews.com over the years.  His work is crucial.  Few people have done what Morris has done.  He has raised awareness about the true nature of the plight of the people in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere.  Indeed, my family in Syria would probably be in a much more nightmarish situation right now if it wasn’t for people like Morris relentlessly and accurately exposing the western invasion of that region.  He calls out the Zionists.  In addition, he interviews stellar individuals such as Joaquin Flores, Neil Sanders, Sheikh Imran Hosein, and Michael Hoffman.  He is only one man but he already accomplished more than most can dream of accomplishing in this Idiocracy-like world that we live in.  He is clearly dedicated, has accumulated momentum and has formed alliances with many enlightening and strong people.  Losing him would be a tragedy.  Please help him!]


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