Yes, There Are Paid Government Trolls On Social Media, Blogs, Forums And Websites

by Michael Snyder
Feb 26, 2014

Do you want solid proof that paid government shills are targeting websites, blogs, forums and social media accounts?  For years, many have suspected that government trolls have been systematically causing havoc all over the Internet, but proving it has been difficult.  But now thanks to documents leaked by Edward Snowden and revealed by Glenn Greenwald, we finally have hard evidence that western governments have been doing this.  As you will see below, a UK intelligence outfit known as the Government Communications Headquarters, through a previously secret unit known as the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, has been systematically attempting “to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse”.  This should be deeply disturbing to anyone that values free speech on the Internet.

It isn’t just that the British government is trying to influence what people are thinking.  The reality is that this is far bigger than a mere propaganda campaign.  As Greenwald recently noted on his new website, the “integrity of the Internet itself” is at stake…

By publishing these stories one by one, our NBC reporting highlighted some of the key, discrete revelations: the monitoring of YouTube and Blogger, the targeting of Anonymous with the very same DDoS attacks they accuse “hacktivists” of using, the use of “honey traps” (luring people into compromising situations using sex) and destructive viruses. But, here, I want to focus and elaborate on the overarching point revealed by all of these documents: namely, that these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.

So what techniques are the British using to control and manipulate discourse on the Internet?  According to Greenwald, the documents that Snowden has uncovered show that they are willing to sink to despicable lows in order to get the results that they desire…

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums.

The following is a list of Internet infiltration techniques that were listed on one particular slide that Snowden leaked…

-Infiltration Operation

-Ruse Operation

-Set Piece Operation

-False Flag Operation

-False Rescue Operation

-Disruption Operation

-Sting Operation

You can check out this slide for yourself right here.

There is also evidence that the Canadian government has been involved in this sort of thing as well.  The following comes from Natural News

You’ve probably run into them before — those seemingly random antagonizers who always end up diverting the conversation in an online chat room or article comment section away from the issue at hand, and towards a much different agenda. Hot-button issues like illegal immigration, the two-party political system, the “war on terror” and even alternative medicine are among the most common targets of such attackers, known as internet “trolls” or “shills,” who in many cases are nothing more than paid lackeys hired by the federal government and other international organizations to sway and ultimately control public opinion.

Several years ago, Canada’s CTV News aired a short segment about how its own government had been exposed for hiring secret agents to monitor social media and track online conversations, as well as the activities of certain dissenting individuals. This report, which in obvious whitewashing language referred to such activities as the government simply “weighing in and correcting” allegedly false information posted online, basically admitted that the Canadian government had assumed the role of secret online police.

You can see a video news report about this activity up in Canada right here.

Are you disturbed yet?

You should be.

So what kind of people are the governments of the western world targeting online?

Well, when it comes to the U.S. government, all you have to do is to look at their official documents to see who they consider the “problems” to be.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered ‘Potential Terrorists’ In Official Government Documents“.

Sadly, the reality of the matter is that the days of the free and open Internet are numbered.  The governments of the world are increasing their control over the Internet with each passing day, and eventually a time will likely come when we will not be able to communicate openly like this any longer.


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PODCAST — An Interview with Michael Dean and Derrick Slopey – “NameCoin and Meowbit – Fighting Internet Censorship” – #195 – Gnostic Media

Gnostic Media
Mar 19, 2014

Today Michael Dean and Derrick Slopey join the Gnostic Media podcast to discuss “NameCoin and Meowbit – Fighting Internet Censorship”. This episode is being released on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, and was recorded yesterday.

Michael Dean:
Michael is a tech writer, first adopter, documentary filmmaker, musician, and libertarian talk radio host on The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark. Many years ago he was in a band on Warner Brothers called Bomb. He lives in Wyoming and loves cats.
Michael was on the team that released FreeSpeechMe, the first-ever user-friendly software for viewing Dot-Bit websites.

Derrick Slopey: Entropy Descrambler.
Derrick runs Alienseed Software and developed the Silver Calculator App for Windows Phone.

Their websites and projects:

Witness Namecoin and Meowbit in action!

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http://www.dotbitwhois.bit/ – dot.bit who is.

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VIDEO — C.A.N. Cut Off Of Radio While Talking About Fluoride

Canadian Awareness Network
Mar 22, 2014

Terry and Frankie from the Canadian Awareness Network was interviewed by John a college student live on air on the Hawk at Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario on the topic of fluoride and was cut off air for allegedly being in violation of CRTC regulations.

You can listen to the The Three Voices w/ OJ, John & Adam every Friday at 11a.m. on 101.5 The Hawk

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Turkey blocks Twitter after PM threatens to wipe it out

Mar 20, 2014

Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (Reuters/Umit Bektas)

Turkey has blocked Twitter hours after embattled Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan threatened to close it down ahead of a key election. It comes after audio recordings purportedly demonstrating corruption among his associates were posted on the site.

Just before midnight, access to Twitter was blocked, Hurriyet Daily reports.

“We now have a court order. We will wipe out Twitter,” the Islamist-leaning leader told a crowd of adulating supporters during a campaign rally in the northwestern city of Bursa on Thursday, AFP reported.

“I don’t care what the international community says. They will see the Turkish republic’s strength,” Erdogan added.

According to the Press Advisory of the Prime Ministry, Twitter officials are currently ignoring court rulings demanding they remove some links.

[In Erdogan's speech] it is stated that as long as Twitter fails to change its attitude of ignoring court rulings and not doing what is necessary according to the law, technically, there might be no remedy but to block access in order to relief our citizens,” the statement says, as quoted by Hurriyet.

Last month, Turkey passed a controversial law tightening control over the internet, raising major concerns about free speech. It enabled authorities to block access to web pages within hours without a prior court order.

The Communication Technologies Institution (BTK) lists four court rulings on its website as the reasons for the latest block.

Twitter Inc says it is looking into reports that it has been banned in Turkey, Reuters says.

Multiple recordings have recently emerged not just on Twitter, but also on Facebook and YouTube, purportedly showing Erdogan – whose AK Party dominates the parliament – illegally meddling in political, legal, business, and media affairs.

In one recording, he instructs his son to hide tens of millions of euros worth of cash in the house. In another, he tells off an editor of a major newspaper for producing negative coverage. Erdogan has dismissed most of the recordings as “vile fakes” and accused a “robot lobby” of targeting his government through Twitter.

The leader also threatened to shut down YouTube and Facebook – which is used by 35 million Turks – last month.

The run-up to the local elections on March 30 – which will be followed by parliamentary and presidential polls – has been marked by constant rancour, with allegations of fraud adding to the protests over corruption and the suppression of political and civil freedoms from the opposition.

But the AK Party, which has been in power since 2002, is set to maintain its supremacy, if polls are to be believed.

MUST SEE — Free Energy – From Suppression To Manifestation?

Mark Passio
Jan 30, 2014

This is the presentation Mark Passio delivered at the second annual Tesla Memorial Conference in New York, NY on January 11, 2014. The conference was hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation, http://www.TeslaScienceFoundation.org

In this presentation, Mark explains to the “Free” Energy Movement that the manifestation of Free Energy technology for the betterment of Humanity is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve while SLAVERY remains the Human Condition. Slavery must be ended FIRST before Free Energy can manifest.

Mark’s web site: http://www.WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com

Zuckerberg sells 41.4 million Facebook shares for $2.3 billion

Jan 25, 2014

Is this massive sell off a sign of trouble behind the scenes at Facebook?

By John Vibes

(INTELLIHUB) — After experiencing some censorship issues, us at Intellihub have started paying close attention to what is going on behind the scenes at Facebook.

One theme that has been common in our research, is the idea that Facebook is in the midst of a decline, and that the social network will soon lose dominance, in favor of websites that offer a more secure, and censorship free platform.

Not only have there been market studies and mathematical models to show that the decline of Facebook is taking place, but there have also been some telltale signs in terms stock activity.

After just establishing the IPO less than two years ago, Founder Mark Zuckerberg just unloaded 41.4 million Facebook shares for $2.3 billion, ensuring that even if the stock price collapses, he will remain wealthy, Aljazeera reported.


When Net Neutrality Becomes Programmed Censorship

Global Research
Jan 21, 2014


The worst fears of all free speech proponents are upon us. The Verizon suit against the Federal Communications Commission, appellate decision sets the stage for a Supreme Court review. The Wall Street Journal portrays the ruling in financial terms: “A federal court has tossed out the FCC’s “open internet” rules, and now internet service providers are free to charge companies like Google and Netflix higher fees to deliver content faster.”

In essence, this is the corporate spin that the decision is about the future cost for being connected.

“The ruling was a blow to the Obama administration, which has pushed the idea of “net neutrality.” And it sharpened the struggle by the nation’s big entertainment and telecommunications companies to shape the regulation of broadband, now a vital pipeline for tens of millions of Americans to view video and other media.

For consumers, the ruling could usher in an era of tiered Internet service, in which they get some content at full speed while other websites appear slower because their owners chose not to pay up.

“It takes the Internet into completely uncharted territory,” said Tim Wu, a Columbia University law professor who coined the term net neutrality.”

What the Journal is not telling you is that this “uncharted territory” is easy to project. If ISP’s will be able to charge varied rates or decide to vary internet speed, it is a very short step towards selectively discriminate against sites based upon content. Do not get lulled into thinking that constitutional protective political speech is guaranteed.

Once again, the world according to the communication giants paint a very different interpretation as the article, Verizon called hypocritical for equating net neutrality to censorship illustrates.

“Verizon’s argument that network neutrality regulations violated the firm’s First Amendment rights. In Verizon’s view, slowing or blocking packets on a broadband network is little different from a newspaper editor choosing which articles to publish, and should enjoy the same constitutional protection.”

The response from advocates of the Net Neutrality standard, that is about to vanish, sums up correctly.

“The First Amendment does not apply, however, when Verizon is merely transmitting the content of third parties. Moreover, these groups point out, Verizon itself has disclaimed responsibility for its users’ content when it was convenient to do so, making its free speech arguments ring hollow.”

Prepare for the worst. The video, Prepare To Be Robbed. Net Neutrality Is Dead!, which includes frank language and expletives, provides details that place the use of internet access into question coming out of this appellate decision.Analyze the implications logically. It is one thing to charge a for profit service like Netflix a higher fee to transverse the electronic bandwidth of a communication network. Selling a membership to an end user is the source of their cash flow. However, most activist political sites usually provide internet users free access to their particular viewpoint and source links.Your internet service provider controls the pipeline that feeds your devices and data connection. No matter which company you pay for this service, you are dependent upon this union. A free WiFi link may well become a memory. Beaming a satellite signal, mostly is an alternative, when DSL, cable or other broadband is not available.No matter what method is used to surf the net, this decision clearly implies that internet access is now a privilege, at the effective discretion, if not mercy; of a provider that allow an account for service.

Next, consider the implication that search engines will use this decision to re-work their algorithms lowering their spider bots selection of sites that challenge the “PC” culture. Restrictive categorization used for years by Google, Yahoo and Bing can use this decision as cover to purge dissenting sites even more from their result rankings.

It is common knowledge that YouTube censors and targets certain uploads. One particular subject that experiences technical glitches is Fukushima. The video You Tube Censoring Truther Channels explains the drill. Add to the frustration are the ads, especially the ones with no skip option and imagine future requirements for uploading approval. What is next, a paid subscription to use and upload to the service?
Yes, the Ending Net Neutrality Signals A Digital Paradigm Shift. It also means that they could unfairly push sites like (add the name of your favorite sites) out of the way of users if they (the “PC” protectors) didn’t like them, acting as effective censors.Stephen Lendman writes in Digital Democracy vs. Corporate Dominance: R.I.P. Internet Neutrality?

“Without Net Neutrality, ISPs will be able to devise new schemes to charge users more for access and services, making it harder for us to communicate online – and easier for companies to censor our speech.”

Corporate gatekeepers will control “where you go and what you see.”

Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner Cable “will be able to block content and speech they don’t like, reject apps that compete with their own offerings, and prioritize Web traffic…”

They’ll be able to “reserve the fastest loading speeds for the highest bidders (while) sticking everyone else with the slowest.”

Doing so prohibits free and open communications. Censorship will become policy. Net Neutrality is too important to lose.”

Ready yourself for the inevitable results! According to Michael Hiltzik, Net neutrality is dead. Bow to Comcast and Verizon, your overlords.

“In the U.S., there’s no practical competition. The vast majority of households essentially have a single broadband option, their local cable provider. Verizon and AT&T provide Internet service, too, but for most customers they’re slower than the cable service. Some neighborhoods get telephone fiber services, but Verizon and AT&T have ceased the rollout of their FiOs and U-verse services–if you don’t have it now, you’re not getting it.

Who deserves the blame for this wretched combination of monopolization and profiteering by ever-larger cable and phone companies? The FCC, that’s who. The agency’s dereliction dates back to 2002, when under Chairman Michael Powell it reclassified cable modem services as “information services” rather than “telecommunications services,” eliminating its own authority to regulate them broadly. Powell, by the way, is now the chief lobbyist in Washington for the cable TV industry, so the payoff wasn’t long in coming.”

In a digital environment, access to an internet that provides uncensored content at the lowest costs is a direct threat to the corporate economy. Innovation and creative cutting-edge services are clearly marked as competing challenges to the Amazon jungle of merchandising. The big will just get bigger.

Then the unavoidable effects from the “all the news fit to report” mass medium, intensifies their suppression of honest investigative journalism. Filtering out the alternative and truth media is the prime objective of this ruling. Eliminating political dissent from the internet is the ultimate implication. What would the net be like without access to the Drudge Report?


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Toll of U.S. Sailors Devastated by Fukushima Radiation Continues to Climb

U.S. sailors irradiated while delivering humanitarian help near the stricken Fukushima nuke say their health has been devastated.

by Harvey Wasserman
Common Dreams
Jan 19, 2014

The roll call of U.S. sailors who say their health was devastated when they were irradiated while delivering humanitarian help near the stricken Fukushima nuke is continuing to soar.

So many have come forward that the progress of their federal class action lawsuit has been delayed.

Bay area lawyer Charles Bonner says a re-filing will wait until early February to accommodate a constant influx of sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and other American ships.

Within a day of Fukushima One’s March 11, 2011, melt-down, American “first responders” were drenched in radioactive fallout. In the midst of a driving snow storm, sailors reported a cloud of warm air with a metallic taste that poured over the Reagan.

Then-Prime Minister Naoto Kan, at the time a nuclear supporter, says “the first meltdown occurred five hours after the earthquake.” The lawsuit charges that Tokyo Electric Power knew large quantities of radiation were pouring into the air and water, but said nothing to the Navy or the public.

Had the Navy known, says Bonner, it could have moved its ships out of harm’s way. But some sailors actually jumped into the ocean just offshore to pull victims to safety. Others worked 18-hour shifts in the open air through a four-day mission, re-fueling and repairing helicopters, loading them with vital supplies and much more. All were drinking and bathing in desalinated water that had been severely contaminated by radioactive fallout and runoff.

Then Reagan crew members were enveloped in a warm cloud. “Hey,” joked sailor Lindsay Cooper at the time. “It’s radioactive snow.”

The metallic taste that came with it parallels the ones reported by the airmen who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and by Pennsylvania residents downwind from the 1979 meltdown at Three Mile Island.

When it did leave the Fukushima area, the Reagan was so radioactive it was refused port entry in Japan, South Korea and Guam. It’s currently docked in San Diego.


[h/t: Activist Post]

VIDEO — The Problem With Facebook

Jan 14, 2014

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Facebook is a complex ecosystem of individuals, creators, brands and advertisers, but I don’t think it serves any of these groups particularly well because its top priority is to make money. Now, I don’t think making money is a bad thing, in fact I hope to make some myself. The problem is the only way Facebook has found to make money is by treating all entities on the site as advertisers and charging them to share their content.

This business plan backfires because 1) not all entities ARE advertisers and 2) it was the content from these people, specifically friends, family, and creators that made the site worth visiting in the first place. Now the incentives are misaligned:
- individuals want to see great content, but they are now seeing more paid content and organically shared content which appeals to the lowest common denominator (babies, weddings, and banal memes)
- creators want to reach fans but their posts are being throttled to force them to pay to be seen
- brands and advertisers have to pay once to advertise their page on Facebook, and then pay again to reach the people who have already liked their page. Plus Facebook is not a place where people generally go to buy things.

Facebook stands in contrast to other social media like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram where all content is shared with all followers.

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h/t: JoyCamp]

VIDEO — No Net Neutrality: US court blocks law for equal access to online content

Jan 15, 2014

A U.S. appeals court has struck down measures enforcing ‘net neutrality’ – or equal access to all online content. As a result, broadband providers will soon be able to steer users’ traffic towards, or away from, certain websites. READ MORE http://on.rt.com/s8tnlu

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Book by B.C. researcher says media, police not talking straight on pot

By James Keller, The Canadian Press
Dec 25, 2013

A demonstrator smokes a marijuana joint on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on April 20, 2010. Police would have the option of ticketing people for a range of minor offences, instead of laying criminal charges, under a plan that could yield significant savings for the cash-strapped justice system. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Pawel Dwulit

VANCOUVER – As it turns out, Nov. 6, 2012, was a big day for marijuana laws.

Voters in Colorado and Washington state approved initiatives to legalize pot, setting the stage for the regulated production and sale of the drug. Several other jurisdictions in the U.S. have since followed suit.

In Canada, the same day two American states were effectively abandoning part of the war on drugs, provisions of a new federal law came into effect that imposed strict mandatory minimums for drug-related crimes, including marijuana production.

The contrast, says University of Victoria professor Susan Boyd, could not have been greater.

“This new law and our revived war on drugs in Canada is so contrary to what’s going on around the world,” says Boyd, who specializes in drug law and drug policy.

“It seemed like Canada was veering towards a very punitive model while the rest of the world was taking a closer look at mandatory minimums and abandoning them.”

But the revisions to Canada’s drug laws — contained in the Safe Streets and Communities Act, or Bill C-10, as it was previously known — did not happen in a vacuum, says Boyd.

Instead, Boyd argues in a forthcoming book that Canada’s recent tough-on-crime approach to drugs is, in part, the product of decades of skewed media coverage and police messaging that has routinely exaggerated the dangers of the marijuana industry and its connection to organized crime.

For the book, titled “Killer Weed: Marijuana Grow Ops, Media, and Justice,” Boyd examined 2,500 articles from four major daily newspapers in British Columbia from 1995 to 2009.

She found news coverage about cannabis enforcement in B.C. frequently contained inaccurate information or exaggerated claims about the size and scope of the underground marijuana industry, the sorts of people associated with grow-ops, and the industry’s connection to gangs.

Assertions by police – particularly the RCMP, which is responsible for policing in much of B.C. — were left unchallenged, she says, and politicians, in turn, relied on such misinformation to push for stricter drug laws.

For example, the news articles she examined repeatedly asserted marijuana grow-ops are inextricable linked to gangs and other criminal organizations. Police spokespeople were frequently quoted explaining that modern-day grow-ops are not “mom and pop” operations.

But Boyd says the federal government’s own research does not support that claim.

She cited a Justice Department study that was completed in 2011, obtained by a reporter through an access to information request, that examined a random sample of 500 marijuana grow operations. Of those, just five per cent had apparent links to gangs or organized crime.

“This study wasn’t released by our federal government, and you could see why,” says Boyd.


[h/t: Easton Ellis]

VIDEO — The BFP Roundtable Dissects the “Alternative” Media

Boiling Frogs Post Roundtable
Jan 11, 2014

Alternative to what and independent of whom? These are the questions that are seldom asked of the pseudo-alternative, foundation-funded and establishment-dependent “alternative” media. Today on the BFP Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett discuss the meltdown of the dinosaur media paradigm and how the establishment is using the pseudo-alternatives to continue to forward their agenda. We also discuss ways of counteracting this and positing real solutions to the problems we are facing.

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WiFi + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom)

[by Tony Cartalucci]

January 19, 2013 (LocalOrg) – Worried about draconian Internet laws? Creeping surveillance? The inability to share with others without being criminalized? The Internet is still a tool of tremendous power, but a deep rot has set in. We have caught it early and we are fighting to stop this rot, but there are other options we can begin exploring to hedge our bets, enhance our current efforts of fighting against corporate monopolies, and eventually, build an Internet of the people, by the people, for the people – big-telecom monopolies not welcomed.

Image: The PirateBox in use on a handheld device. Once the PirateBox is up and running, either on a standalone device like the one pictured to the right (background), or on your laptop as described here, it will appear as another WiFi network for people in range to connect to. Once connected files can be freely shared, and there is even a chat client users can communicate with. It is just as useful as a file server for a small business, as it is for circumventing the draconian criminalization of Internet file sharing. 


In last week’s “Fighting Back Against the “Intellectual Property” Racket,” the “PirateBox” was introduced. The PirateBox transforms a laptop, router, or single board computer into a mini-Internet hub where files can be freely shared, and even features a chat program so users can communicate. It is a lite version of the mesh networks described in December 2012′s “Decentralizing Telecom” where independent mesh networks featured many software alternatives to emulate popular online programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and others. The PirateBox is an introductory project anyone with a WiFi adapter and a USB thumbdrive can do on their own with a little motivation and an hour to experiment.

In a busy office, a PirateBox can serve as a simple local wireless file server and chat client. In an apartment complex, it can become the center of a social experiment, an opportunity to reach out to neighbors and organize constructively, or just for fun – building badly needed local communities back up.

Instructions for perhaps the easiest of PirateBox’s implementations can be found on blogger, designer, and activist David Darts’ website here. The instructions are nearly fool proof, and a lot of the common problems ran into are described and their solutions linked to throughout the explanation.

The PirateBox does not connect to the Internet, nor does it operate from your hard drive. It works entirely on the USB thumbdrive you install it on, simply using your computer’s WiFi to network all who are in range.

Ideally you’d want to make a dedicated, standalone PirateBox to serve your space, office, and neighbors. A great place for beginners to embark on this is at your local hackerspace. If you don’t have a local hackerspace, look into starting one up.

Protesting is important, but protesting alone will not stem the problem at its source. The rot will continue to spread unless we develop tangible tools to pragmatically excise it and repair the damage it has already done. The problem of corporate monopolies ensnaring and subjugating us through their telecom monopolies can and is being solved by solutions like mesh networks, the PirateBox, and the onward march of open source software and hardware, simply displacing proprietary products and services. The best way to ensure success is to have as many informed and constructive people as possible join in the problem-solving process.

Editor’s Note: There seems to be some confusion over the concept of the PirateBox. The entire point is not to be connected to the controlled, restricted, & monopolized Internet, and begin using local alternatives leveraging technology to go around draconian laws and regulations. 
A PirateBox is the smallest, but easiest way to connect with others locally and wirelessly,as well as anonymously, without connecting at all to the Internet. It is the first step to building larger local mesh networks, and eventually a parallel Internet built using mesh architecture designed, maintained, and used by the people, for the people – no government or corporate infrastructure would be required, and the means of monopolizing and controlling a decentralized people’s Internet made nearly impossible. 
Think of the PirateBox as a prototype of a building block for something bigger and more significant. In the fight for freedom, we will not find complete solutions, prepackaged and waiting for us on the shelves of WalMart. We will have to research and develop our own solutions, patiently, incrementally, and in collaboration with our friends, family, neighbors and local community. Our problems were not created overnight, neither will the solutions. 

Since posting about the PirateBox, LocalOrg has received several success stories of people who have either already been using it, or have looked into it, prompting this follow up. Continue sharing your success, and if you would like, contact us and have them covered here on LocalOrg.

Inconsistencies and Unanswered Questions: The Risks of Trusting the Snowden Story

by Kevin Ryan
Global Research
Jan 1, 2014

Last June, Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian revealed that Edward Snowden was the NSA insider behind “one of the most significant leaks in US political history.” Snowden explained his motivations through Greenwald by saying, “There are more important things than money…. harming people isn’t my goal. Transparency is.”

Such altruistic motivations were welcome news at the time but have come into question recently given that only a tiny fraction of the documents have been released nearly a year after Snowden started working with Greenwald. Perhaps more importantly, billionaire Pierre Omidyar is funding Greenwald’s slow release of those documents. It is worth noting that Omidyar’s Paypal Corporation has links to the NSA.

It was originally reported that the number of documents Snowden had stolen was in the thousands. Today, however, that number is said to be nearly two million. This calls into question Snowden’s early statement, as reported by Greenwald, that he “carefully evaluated every single document to ensure that each was legitimately in the public interest.” The huge, new number also reveals that less than one tenth of one percent of the documents (only about 900) have actually been released to the public.

How could Snowden have “carefully evaluated every single” one of what is now being said to be nearly two million documents? He only worked for Booz Allen Hamilton for a few months. According to NSA Director Keith Alexander, Snowden also worked directly for NSA for twelve months prior to that, which is interesting. But still, that would require carefully evaluating thousands of documents a day during that entire time. Didn’t he have a job apart from that?

Journalist Margie Burns asked some good questions back in June that have not yet been answered. She wondered about the 29-year old Snowden who had been a U.S. Army Special Forces recruit, a covert CIA operative, and an NSA employee in various capacities, all in just a few, short years. Burns asked “How, exactly, did Snowden get his series of NSA jobs? Did he apply through regular channels? Was it through someone he knew? Who recommended him? Who were his references for a string of six-figure, high-level security jobs? Are there any safeguards in place so that red flags go up when a subcontractor jumps from job to job, especially in high-level clearance positions?”

Five months later, journalists Mark Ames and Yasha Levine investigated some of the businesses in which Greenwald’s benefactor Omidyar had invested. They found that the actual practices of those businesses were considerably less humanitarian than the outward appearance of Omidyar’s ventures often portray. The result was that Omidyar took down references to at least one of those businesses from his website.


VIDEO — Gaza flood story censored by Youtube

Ryan Dawson
Dec 17, 2013


VIDEO — ‘Breivik has better conditions’: Pirate Bay’s Anakata deprived even of books in jail

Dec 17, 2013

Hollywood and pirates don’t always go together. What started as a legal battle against copyright infringement for the co-founder of the file-sharing service The Pirate Bay, has snowballed into a tide of hacking accusations from around the world. Now, Gottfrid Svartholm could end up in jail for 6 more years, as Peter Oliver reports. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/j31knv

ALSO WATCH: Founder of the first Pirate Party Rick Falkvinge speaks to RT on Gottfrid Svartholm Warg – http://youtu.be/lfGS3U2lYIc

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How To Hide Your House From Google Maps

by Truth Is Scary
Before It’s News

Dec 16, 2013

Google maps car


As it turns out, there is a way to prevent strangers from seeing your home online through Google Maps.

Many Americans don’t realize it, but Google actually has vehicles driving around the United States taking what are called “street view” pictures. If your home can be seen from a public street, there’s a good chance it’s on Google Maps.

How Google Maps Threatens Your Privacy

If want to find out whether your home is on Google Maps, simply go to Google Maps and type in your address. When the map appears you might see a small stick figure on the left side of the screen. Drag that stick figure to your street, and your house – and others – will appear. (Note: If the street is not highlighted in blue on the map, then your house and street have not been photographed.)

This can be a major problem for privacy because the Google picture can show strangers a great deal of your home and your life. When Fox and Friends contributor Kurt “the Cyber Guy” Knutsson went to Google Maps he discovered something bothersome — the inside of his garage and its contents, because he had left the garage door open the day the Google car drove down his road.

That’s not all that Knutson saw on Google. Google had taken a picture of his cars.

“You could see our license plates plain as day,” Knutson said. Knutson’s discovery indicates that details of your private life, and information that could harm you, can show up on Google Maps. Google claims it blurs out license plates and individuals before it posts pictures to street view, although it’s obvious that doesn’t always happen.

How to Hide Your House

The bad news is that there is no way to keep your address off of Google Maps. The good news is that you can get Google to blur out your property so Google Maps users will not see it. Here’s the process which is outlined at Google.

How to get your property blurred:

  • Go to Google Maps and type in your address
  • Bring up the street view of your property
  • Look to the bottom right hand corner of the screen you should see an Icon Labeled: “report a problem.”
  • Click on “report a problem.”
  • You will get a page labeled “report inappropriate street view.”
  • Look for the words “Privacy Concerns” and click on them.
  • If you want your house blurred, click on “my house.” Then choose the option: “I have a picture of my house and would like it blurred.”
  • Adjust the image and show Google which part of the photo needs blurred.
  • Type the verification code at the bottom of the page into the box provided and click submit.
  • Check back in a few days to see if the image has been blurred.

Read More HERE

Source: http://truthisscary.com/2013/12/how-to-hide-your-house-from-google-maps/

11/21/2013 – Major Security FLAW in Google+ can Shutdown your Youtube page instantly with no strikes, no appeal

November 21, 2013

video explanation here:


My youtube channel , http://www.youtube.com/dutchsinse, was erroneously shut down yesterday, lost all videos, and all Google+ access.  I had no strikes, no violations, and was all green across the board.

How did my youtube get terminated?  Easily.

They simply flagged my GOOGLE+ account as an “impersonator”.  Yes, flagged my own dutchsinse MAIN GOOGLE+ page as an impersonator.  LOL.   They can do it anonymously, with no warning, and with no recourse by you to fix it, except, to SEND A PHOTO ID OF YOURSELF to G+ to prove you are who you say you are.

click to view full size:

google plus security flaw

What? Send a photo ID to G+ to save your YOUTUBE page from shutdown, after your G+ was falsely flagged as an “impersonator”?!!!

Madness.  Seriously, big problem here, how do you PROVE you’re a screen name?

They’re asking for a photo ID to prove who I am.  However, the google+ is named “dutchsinse”.  My real name is Michael Janitch.

I sent them a copy of my passport 48 hours ago, filled out the form with my real name, never even received a confirmation reply that they received it.  and as of today 220am CT november 21, no reply at all.

I’m dutchsinse.  How can someone ELSE, an anonymous person, report me for “impersonation”?  Which then causes G+ to INSTANTLY shut down my whole G+ page…. which then leads to the INSTANT TERMINATION OF MY YOUTUBE PAGE, and a blocking of all my associated G+ pages.

A domino effect caused by one single false flagging, one single easy abuse of a security feature on youtube that, SHOULD, have human review behind it, and should not be automated.

Yesterday, thanks to this fake / false google+ shutdown , I lost 75,000 subscribers, and 800+ videos. Lost access to ALL of it.  Due to a single false flag on a separate service away from youtube!!!

Again, no email from youtube OR google+ was sent to me, warning me, or giving me a dispute option.

Very strange too, Google+ and youtube BOTH have my cellphone number already on file for login and verification purposes, no message sent to my mobile device at all.

Don’t forget, MOST IMPORTANTLY, there was no recourse to solve this.  No link to click on, no email to send, and no option to dispute. For me to get it fixed, it literally took someone who works there to privately contact the “policy team” and do a few things to get my youtube restored.

Still locked out on Google+, still cannot make any comment even below my own video, and still cannot share anything via the share button.  No reply from google, except to ask for an ID with my SCREENNAME on it?!

lol, can you say NIGHTMARE scenario here.

Meanwhile, no laughing matter, 3 years of work , 800+ videos, and 75,000+ subscribers on the line… all capable of being wiped out from a SEPARATE service like google+ ?  Somethings not right about this.

Imagine if someone could shut down your PERSONAL facebook page with the click of a button, and then YOU have to prove who YOU are because they clicked a button.

Guilty until proven innocent , meanwhile they DELETE your youtube page, delete all your content, and you have to fight to get it back?

Shouldn’t the person making the impersonation CLAIM have to provide THEIR ID???????

Anyone can get shut down this way.  Maybe a few larger channels will get slammed, then google might take notice.  Right now, they’re not responding to any of my contact attempts.

Massive Facebook bug stops users from posting updates, uploading photos and sending messages

by Ishmael N. Daro
October 21, 2013

Facebook users can’t post status updates, share photos or send messages on the social network in one of the biggest bugs to ever affect the service.

Countless users reported being unable to use most of the site’s main features on Monday morning. Most who tried to share links or post updates were met with a pop-up that read, “There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.”


[h/t: Sylvain Henry]

VIDEO — Orwellian Quebec Bans Religious Symbols

The Truther Girls
October 4, 2013

Our Quebec government is trying to ban the wearing of religious symbols. They are implementing the globalist agenda, trying to secularize us by force, dumb us down and cause divisions. And how was YOU day? :)


11 Million Users Drop Facebook Over Privacy Concerns

Live on the 21st of September, 2010, ad:tech, London (at Olympia). This was the sixth year in the UK for the online marketing and advertising community to gather at ad:tech London to reveal the latest trends and market figures, share best practices and address industry challenges. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

By JG Vibes
September 18, 2013

New research shows Facebook has lost a total of 11 million users, nine million in the US and two million in Britain. Researchers at the University of Vienna analyzed 600 users and found they quit for reasons like privacy concerns, general dissatisfaction, shallow conversations and fear of becoming addicted, Alalam reported.[1]

Facebook developed a following because it allowed people to connect with friends more easily, and due to these increased capabilities they became the dominant social network on the internet.

Over the years Facebook has become one of the most popular websites in the world, and recently the company has been taking advantage of their social network dominance.

The newest controversies surrounding Facebook have been the intentional censorship of activist profiles and the “promotional posts” scam which has cut off every single Facebook user from a vast majority of their posts.

Since these changes silently went into effect a few months ago, every single Facebook user can now only see a fraction of the stories which should be in their news feed.

For artists, activists and people with websites, there is now an option for them to promote their posts for a ridiculous fee and have more of their fans see their posts.

Many Facebook users don’t even realize that this is happening because unless you’re using the site for promotional purposes you don’t really notice.

Also, for years there have been so many rumors about Facebook charging that now when activists try to tell people about these new changes, it has turned into a “boy cried wolf scenario” and no one pays attention.

In addition to this monetizing scam there has also been an increase in censorship.


MUST SEE — Alert: YouTube Removing All Video Responses


September 3, 2013

This is being reported by many concerned youtubers. The video response, that enables people to find like minded people, is going into effect September 12. We’ve seen the clampdown and censorship growing so these types of lamely excused fascist actions are going to be more frequent. Find and move towards alternative and protected means of communication like Unsene soon. And there are alternatives to youtube, just takes some looking around and checking into. Take proactive steps so you’re prepared. – Zen


This is being reported by many concerned youtubers. The video response, that enables people to find like minded people, is going into effect September 12. We’ve seen the clampdown and censorship growing so these types of lamely excused fascist actions are going to be more frequent. Find and move towards alternative and protected means of communication like Unsene soon. And there are alternatives to youtube, just takes some looking around and checking into. Take proactive steps so you’re prepared. – Zen

- See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/alert-youtube-removing-all-video-responses/#sthash.1qEIJkq3.dpuf

MUST READ — Global March For Chemtrails Has Some Fishy Management (2nd UPDATE)


[Potent News editor's note: I had a few fishy feelings about this event to begin with and now things are starting to make a lot more sense.  I would like to apologize to the readers for my hasty advertising of this event.  I would also like to point out that I have great respect for the author of this article, not only because of the content of this article, but also because he previously personally sent me very pertinent information revealing the sketchy nature Non-Violent Communcation.]


It would appear that We Are Change Victoria has uncovered some fishy management.  It was mentioned to me that whoever is running the hub of this event deletes posts questioning who they are.  There’s good reason for that from what I gather, it would seem the fingerprint of Occupy and it’s methodology of using censorship to control criticism is all over it.  In order to show their support they decided to partake and arrange an event, but the anonymous leadership of the global march had other ideas (which is strange).

The most surefire litmus test is to see how they deal with criticism, if they are fast to delete and are running a social networking marketed movement — then you might have a professionally trained crew running the show that is secretly working for the very people you think you are protesting against.

So here’s my experience when I went out to go and confirm this:


As you can see any questions asking who is running it are deleted, and as evident from the domain registrations which for globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com and gmacag.com, both are private.  Clearly the ring leaders are cowards and does not really wish people to know who they are.   Also they are ruthless in avoiding criticism because it would have people getting to the truth, while they run their Facebook group like a mini-Stalin.  Dissent must be squashed!

My guess is this is being ran by the same activistocrats that have been hijacking every activist cause as of late, and it’s purpose is to sucker people into the fold.  They also would like to hijack the event, and have written long, nasty letters to the group.

Well, litmus test failed, and while I am all for the cause of fighting geo-engineering, I do not take orders from mysterious anonymous ring leaders, nor does WAC, and nor should any other activist with a functional brain.


As soon as I was finished I posted my article up on the facebook event page (main hub) of the global march, to which the anonymous administrator that censors valid criticism decided to delete the post, and come to WAC’s facebook event page.  So here’s that chat with the anonymous admin that has to very carefully think about what they say, where comments relating to the anonymous nature of the shadowy leadership are “off topic” and “trolling”.  Also pay attention to the highlighted bit that says “put it on our wall”:


Here’s the problem I have and the reason why I think the anonymous head of the global march against chemtrails and geoengineering is a liar –> I posted it, you deleted it, you did not put anything on your wall, and 9 hours ago since this edit would have been 1 AM PST early Saturday morning.  Lies, deception and manipulation are all part of the fingerprint of the fake activistocrats!

UPDATE:  I went to post this updated article, and it would appear that I am blocked from posting in the group again.  I think I’ve touched a nerve, and no worries this’ll get re-posted over and over again till you get it through your head that censorship is the sure fire litmus test of malevolence (I have plenty of friends I can ask, lol).  I think you’re just in it for the t-shirt sales!

An IP address trace produced the linked results (click here), apparently it’s someone in poland?

UPDATE 18th August:
I probably should have spent the extra time taking screenshots and recording video of browsing the FB profiles of this “anonymous” organizer, whom we figured out is Troy Lessard. He has two profiles, one that was made July 24th and features only materials for the chemtrail event, and another one that previously had Victoria, BC listed as his hometown.

I am suspecting the IP from Poland came from Tor, but I did not want to make any assumptions for my blog so I left it as Poland till otherwise proven. I believe it is now otherwise proven.

Here’s a chat that I was having with Greg Hill about this yesterday:

And Here’s a chat I had with Sandi Hudson about this as well (just prior to messaging Greg):

Just in case this disappears (due to modified privacy settings):

Some anonymous stuff on his profile:

Some more anonymous material further down:

Here’s what I have problems with:
1)A leader who hides identity and prefers to remain anonymous — if you want that, don’t lead.

2)Censors critical questions asking who the hell they are (and banning such individuals).

3)Revisionist that edits information, publishing a paranoid message to government agents (which I am not) upon his own profile, included below:

PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning–any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the Canadian Government or United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photo’s or any other “picture” art posted on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information.

4)Lies, which is not demonstrable of good character.

5) All the while raking in profits from t-shirt sales! This is a business, not a cause, there is no transparency with these t-shirt sales and the money goes into this guy’s pocket (as far as I can tell).

It would appear this man is from Victoria, BC, a google search confirms this:

Classified Voting: For Government Eyes Only

P.A.N.D.A. People Against The NDAA
August 15, 2013

Mainstream media has been covering the situation in Syria, but we are only seeing what our government decides we need to know. A vote was conducted recently on whether or not President Obama was going to send Arms to Syrian Rebels. However, the vote was kept classified. Mainstream media told America that the vote passed.

What Americans do not know is where each voting committee member stood on the issue. Why keep it a secret? While PANDA does not hold a position on whether or not Syrian rebels should be given Arms, our concern is classified government voting.

Allowing our government to classify votes is a danger to our culture, to our freedom, and to Americans as a whole. It sets the stage to have other issues declared classified. I want all of you to consider for a moment what would happen if the government declared war and made it classified. We would all wake up one morning and our friends and family (members of the Armed Forces) would be gone and we would have no idea what happened.

Let me make this even more real for you. What if the government made the NDAA  law or bill classified? No warning, just suddenly you are arrested, are denied a lawyer, a trial, and a judge. People know you are missing but do not know why. No one can help you because no one would know where you are or what is happening. Can you see how dangerous classified voting is?

By ignoring the classified voting we are telling those in power that it is acceptable to use indefinite detention, it is okay to take away due process.  To some of you this may seem like a big leap. We are only talking about classifying the voting to Arm Syrian rebels and I am taking it to a new level by saying that we are giving the government the ability to strip our 6th Amendment Rights. What happened to government transparency?  Why are we moving in the opposite direction?

As Americans, as humans we have the Right to know what is taking place in our country and our government. Our government will begin with merely classifying a vote here and there, then they will move on to classifying laws that they want to pass. If a law is classified, then the public does not know about it and cannot vote on it. We have the right to vote, we fought for the right to vote. Yet this is just one more thing that is being ripped away from us as if our voice does not matter. A classified vote on foreign policy now sets the dangerous precedence for classified voting on any and all bills later.

America is being divided piece by piece in big ways. Every time we ignore what the government does, we submit blindly to their will. We are allowing them to make our choices and trusting them to make the right ones. When we do not speak out, we give them the power and the approval to strip away our Rights and burn our Constitution. This is one of the most UN-American things that can possibly happen in our country.

The United States has a checks and balances system, this is the three branches of government. Yet, it is the citizens of the US that are the final check to that system. However, when that system decides to hide or classify their votes, we the people can no longer hold the government accountable for their actions.


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