Static Electricity or Moving Nano-Machines? You Decide. [video included]

By Louise Koster, Contributing Writer
Potent News
February 15, 2012

Contrary to what the CDC says, Morgellons is not a delusion. I have personally felt and seen my hair move by itself, I’ve had strange fibres come out of my skin, I constantly feel like there are bugs crawling over my body. I have witnessed many of my fresh organic vegetables, fruits and meat moving by itself, causing me to have to throw out the majority of the food I’ve bought. I have had to stop wearing a lot of my clothes because even those seem to be comprised of moving fibres.  Some might say the fibres in the video below are moving because of static electricity, however I find that very hard to believe.

These next few pictures are of a fibre from my neck that grew an inch overnight. When I plucked the hair/fibre there was no resistance, and no pinch like you would normally feel with a hair. Upon closer inspection, we found that the fibre contained little balls within its core which you can see here.

(image: Strange hair/fibre that grew out of my neck in 24 hours.)
(image: The “root” of the neck “hair”.)
(image: Zoomed out a little bit.)

The following shots are from a fibre that came from my leg. I noticed there was an itchy, red little bump on my leg, much like a pimple. I then noticed there was a hard little fibre sticking out of the middle. I got some tweezers and started to pull it out, but when I let go of it to get a better grip, it slid back into my leg by itself.  I then pulled it out completely and it felt like a really strong spiderweb coming out. There was no pain but I could definitely feel it sliding out of my skin.

I’ve looked at my fair share of hair under a microscope and there’s plenty of pictures of them online, as well. This does not look like any hair I’ve ever looked at.

(image: “root” of the “knee-fibre”)
(image: The other side of the knee-fibre.)

Microscope shots courtesy of Amir Alwani.

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10 responses

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  3. Russ

    I feel like this video would have been slightly more credible if the fiber was being “played with” in an hermetic environment.


    February 15, 2012 at 11:20 PM

  4. Maggiemae

    We know the truth about who has delusions…we do NOT. The delusions of grandure, power, and control have consumed the perpetraitors of this evil, psuedo-life infiltration. The small fibers that grow on everything can be observed to do this swirling, twirling movement. I can place one on my mirror and see it do this snake dance, for a long time.

    When I initially broke out (head to toe) in lesions, I was looking in the environment for bugs…all I saw everywhere in my home were the multi-colored fibers. They were knotted up in all my towels, on the top of the toilet tank, on my shower walls, etc… and I was baffled. That was until I was getting the paper one early morning, looked up and saw my first chemtrails. My antenna went full alert mode. I innately knew they were the source. This was in July, 1994. I trust my instincts.

    To the general audience that want their own proof…pull downward on the sweater or shirt you have on. Look at the fibers growing there. Observe cotton stitching along hems and seams and the fibers will be visible. Hold your leather purse straps up to the light and observe them growing there. Look at your steering wheel. Tilt your head slightly while looking and you will be able to see them undulating and swirling – exactly like this video depicts.

    I believe, from observation of the general population in light of the troubled times we are experiencing, these fibers are infiltrating our bodies and modifying behavior (ever so slightly.) I hear young people complain of their lack of energy. Short term memory has been affected, and the numbness to perception is evident. I believe we have been hacked and hyjacked so TPTB can proceed with their agenda with little resistance. It appears we are deep into the integrated takeover. May the Lord protect us and expose the truth about what is being done.

    Thank you for a really good presentation!



    February 16, 2012 at 10:11 AM

    • Wow! A truly amazing response. I love it. Thank you. 🙂 I too have noticed these fibres all over my clothes, washroom and on top of my toilet lid. I am experiencing memory loss, I have trouble speaking sometimes, I have very little energy all the time, like you said, as well as the other symptoms. However, I am not giving up hope. There is already a wealth of information about this everywhere, as you know, and I am witnessing an explosion of human awakening that is paralleling these horrific events.


      February 16, 2012 at 4:44 PM

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