Canada’s New Oil Men: A Phoenix Tears Story (sneak peek with intro) [video]

YouTube — opheucus
April 24, 2012

All rights reserved to Chris Harrigan, filmmaker. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

This is a small part of a documentary film I’m creating about some people here in Eastern Canada, their belief in Hemp Oil as a herbal remedy to many physical illness’, and the trials they’ve had to face because of it. For more on Rick Simpson and hemp oil, please make sure to watch RUN FROM THE CURE. This film explains Ricks discovery of the healing value of hemp and how to make the oil yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQwwGP…

If you have questions regarding the film, or if you have means to help, you can talk to me in person through:
*All proceeds will go towards the production of this film and others like it. It’s a damn good cause.

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