gun-control / drug cartels

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Right to Self-Defense: Rabbi David Bendory Reports 1/2

ATF’s Fast & Furious: The Next Chapter – Sheriff Richard Mack 1/2

Breaking: Feds Caught Shipping Cocaine into U.S.

Infowars Special Report: Super-Congress Paves ‘Super Highway’ to Gun Control

Activist Glenn Spencer: ATF Promotes It’s Own Involved in ‘Fast & Furious’ Scandal

Obama Launches Gun Grab

Mexican Outlaws Get Guns Via ATF – Alex Jones Tv

Caller Talks to Alex About Fed Giving Guns Away to Gang Members! – Alex Jones Tv

Infowars Special Report with Alex Jones: US Government Protected Sinaloa Drug “Cartel”


Tortured, disemboweled and hung from a bridge for tweeting: Couple killed by Mexican drug cartel as gruesome warning to bloggers who ‘snitch’ online (September 16, 2011)

Documents: US fed agents allowed cartel to traffic cocaine in exchange for information (August 3, 2011)

Top Mexican Drug Lord: I Trafficked Cocaine For The U.S. Government (April 27, 2011)

CIA Plane Crashes in Yucatan Carrying 3.2 Tons of Cocaine (September 26, 2007)

Total Gun Confiscation of Law Abiding Citizens Begins (September 9, 2005)


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