7/7 London Bombings

False Flag Fires! The Rise of The Phoenix [video]

Press For Truth
August 21, 2012

In every government and every civilization that has ever existed it has always been the authoritarian ruling cabal who benefit from horrendous acts of violence. Governments have a documented history of attacking their own people through “false flag attacks” which are blamed on their political enemies in an effort to gain “Order Out Of Chaos”. In the 21st century these tactics will continuously be used by the global elite to gain more control so we must also continue to expose these agendas and to shed light on the deeds that are done in the dark.


7/7 London Bombings, 7 Years On: Tom Secker On ResistRadio.com [audio]


Written by Brit Dee
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 12:29

7/7 London bombing7/7 London bombing
Tom Secker from InvestigatingTheTerror.com explains some of the many inconsistencies, distortions and falsehoods in the official narrative about, and investigations into, the 2005 London bombings, to ResistRadio.com‘s Brit Dee.

They also discuss Tom’s suspicion that the four alleged bombers may not even have been on the tube trains and bus that day, and the problems with the best known documentary about the bombings – ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’.

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