Air Algerie Plane with 116 Passengers Crashed in Mali

nsnbc international
Jul 24, 2014

nsnbc : An Air Algerie passenger jet, carrying 110 passengers from Burkina Faso to Algiers crashed in Mali near the Algerian border. Air traffic controllers lost contact with Air Algerie Flight AH 5017 50 minutes after takeoff. The plane was rerouted due to weather conditions, reports the airline.

The Aglerian news agency APR reported that air traffic controllers lost contact with Air Algerie Flight AH 5017 at 01:55 GMT, some 50 minutes after takeoff from Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou.  Reports, according to which the plane should have had the niece of former Cuban President Fidel Castro on board have since been denied. It is too early to tell whether any of the passengers or crew have survived the crash as search and rescue operations are still underway by the time of writing this article.

air algeria_Map_algeriaInformation thus far, indicated that weather conditions may have caused the crash. The pilot reportedly contacted the control tower in Niamey, Niger because of weather conditions.

An unidentified person with Air Algiers as saying that Flight AH 5017 was not far from the Algerian border when the crew was asked to make a detour because of poor visibility and to prevent the risk of collision with another aircraft on the Algiers – Bamako route.

The airline reports that it has launched its emergency response in accordance with the airlines procedures, reports the APS news agency.  French military, according to initial reports stationed in Mali, launched fighter planes to search for the MD-83 and discovered the crashed plane in Mali, not far from the border to Algeria. nsnbc will follow-up on the report when more, verifiable information is available to us.

CH/L – nsnbc 24.07.2014


MUST READ — America’s Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq

Land Destroyer

Image: ISIS clearly did not materialize spontaneously within Iraq, it has clearly redeployed from its NATO-sponsored destruction of Syria to northern Iraq, perhaps in an attempt to justify a NATO incursion and the creation of a buffer zone straddling Syrian, Iraqi, and even possibly Iranian territory with the goal of targeting Iran directly with ISIS.

June 13, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – Heavily armed, well funded, and organized as a professional, standing army, the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) swept southward into Iraq from Turkey and northeastern Syria, taking the cities of Mosul and Tikrit, and now threaten the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad itself. The United States was sure to prop up two unfounded narratives – the first being that US intelligence agencies, despite assets in Iraq and above it in the form of surveillance drones, failed to give warning of the invasion, and that ISIS is some sort of self-sustaining terror organization carving out a “state” by “robbing banks” and collecting “donations” on Twitter.

The Wall Street Journal in its report, “Iraqi Drama Catches U.S. Off Guard,” stated:

The quickly unfolding drama prompted a White House meeting Wednesday of top policy makers and military leaders who were caught off guard by the swift collapse of Iraqi security forces, officials acknowledged.

In another WSJ post, “U.S. Secretly Flying Drones Over Iraq,” it claimed:

A senior U.S. official said the intelligence collected under the small [secret US drone] program was shared with Iraqi forces, but added: “It’s not like it did any good.” The rapid territorial gains by the Islamist forces loyal to Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, an al Qaeda offshoot, caught the U.S. by surprise, the officials said.

Image: ISIS has convoys of brand new matching Toyota’s the same
vehicles seen among admittedly NATO-armed terrorists operating
everywhere from Libya to Syria, and now Iraq. It is a synthetic, state-
sponsored regional mercenary expeditionary force.

Despite drone flights collecting intelligence, and a 3-year ongoing CIA program (here, here, and here) all along the Turkish-Syrian border to “monitor” and “arm” “moderate” militants fighting the Syrian government, the US claims it was caught “by surprise.” If drones and CIA operatives operating in ISIS territory weren’t enough to detect the impending invasion, perhaps the CIA should have just picked up a newspaper.

Indeed, the Lebanon Daily Start in March 2014 reported that ISIS openly withdrew its forces from Latakia and Idlib provinces in western Syria, and redeployed them in Syria’s east – along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The article titled, “Al-Qaeda splinter group in Syria leaves two provinces: activists,” stated explicitly that:

On Friday, ISIS – which alienated many rebels by seizing territory and killing rival commanders – finished withdrawing from the Idlib and Latakia provinces and moved its forces toward the eastern Raqqa province and the eastern outskirts of the northern city of Aleppo, activists said.

The question remains, if a Lebanese newspaper knew ISIS was on the move eastward, why didn’t the CIA? The obvious answer is the CIA did know, and is simply feigning ignorance at the expense of their reputation to bait its enemies into suspecting the agency of  incompetency rather than complicity in the horrific terroristic swath ISIS is now carving through northern Iraq.

Described extensively in the full New Eastern Outlook Journal (NEO) report, “NATO’s Terror Hordes in Iraq a Pretext for Syria Invasion,” the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, have funded and armed terrorists operating in Syria for the past 3 years to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars – coincidentally the same amount that ISIS would require to gain primacy among militant groups fighting in Syria and to mobilize forces capable of crossing into Iraq and overwhelming Baghdad’s national defenses.

Image: The most prominent routes into Syria for foreign fighters is depicted, with the inset graph describing the most widely used routes by foreign fighters on their way to Iraq, as determined by West Point’s 2007 Combating Terrorism Center report Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq” (page 20).  These same networks were then used to invade and attempt to overthrow the Syrian government itself in 2011, with the addition of a more prominent role for Turkey, and today in 2014, to re-invade Iraq once again. 

The NEO report includes links to the US Army’s West Point Countering Terrorism Center reports, “Bombers, Bank Accounts and Bleedout: al-Qa’ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq,” and “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq,” which detail extensively the terror network used to flood Iraq with foreign terrorists, weapons, and cash to fuel an artificial “sectarian war” during the US occupation, and then turned over to flood Syria with terrorists in the West’s bid to overthrow the government in Damascus.

What’s ISIS Doing in Iraq? 
The NEO report would also post Seymour Hersh’s 2007 article, “The Redirection,” documenting over the course of 9 pages US, Saudi, and Israeli intentions to create and deploy sectarian extremists region-wide to confront Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hersh would note that these “sectarian extremists” were either tied to Al Qaeda, or Al Qaeda itself. The ISIS army moving toward Baghdad is the final manifestation of this conspiracy, a standing army operating with impunity, threatening to topple the Syrian government, purge pro-Iranian forces in Iraq, and even threatening Iran itself by building a bridge from Al Qaeda’s NATO safe havens in Turkey, across northern Iraq, and up to Iran’s borders directly. Labeled “terrorists” by the West, grants the West plausible deniability in its creation, deployment, and across the broad spectrum of atrocities it is now carrying out.

Image: ISIS’s alleged territory spans across both Iraqi and Syrian
territory. If it is able to establish a NATO-backed buffer zone, it will be
able to launch attacks with impunity into Syria, Iraq, and Iran – in a
region-wide sectarian war the West has been engineering for years. 

It is a defacto re-invasion of Iraq by Western interests – but this time without Western forces directly participating – rather a proxy force the West is desperately attempting to disavow any knowledge of or any connection to. However, no other explanation can account for the size and prowess of ISIS beyond state sponsorship. And since ISIS is the clear benefactor of state sponsorship, the question is, which states are sponsoring it? With Iraq, Syria, and Iran along with Lebanese-based Hezbollah locked in armed struggle with ISIS and other Al Qaeda franchises across the region, the only blocs left are NATO and the GCC (Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular).

With the West declaring ISIS fully villainous in an attempt to intervene more directly in northern Iraq and eastern Syria, creating a long desired “buffer zone” within which to harbor, arm, and fund an even larger terrorist expeditionary force, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and others are offered an opportunity to preempt Western involvement and to crush the ISIS – cornering and eliminating NATO-GCC’s expeditionary force while scoring geopolitical points of vanquishing Washington’s latest “villain.” Joint Iraq-Iranian operations in the north and south of ISIS’s locations, and just along Turkey’s borders could envelop and trap ISIS to then be whittled down and destroyed – just as Syria has been doing to NATO’s proxy terrorist forces within its own borders.

Whatever the regional outcome may be, the fact is the West has re-invaded Iraq, with a force as brutal, if not worse than the “shock and awe” doctrine of 2003. Iraq faces another difficult occupation if it cannot summon a response from within, and among its allies abroad, to counter and crush this threat with utmost expediency.



VIDEO — The Truth About Boko Haram & #BringBackOurGirls

May 9, 2014

The Obama administration was responsible for the spread of Al-Qaeda throughout Africa which led to the rise of Boko Harem, the terrorist group responsible for the kidnap of over 200 schoolgirls.


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VIDEO — It Is Zionism Conquering Ukraine and Venezuela – Morris

Feb 20, 2014

Creating shortages was the way that opposition to Morsi was created.
I wonder if Russia is being placated with Egyptian and Algerian lucrative contracts – not that i think that will work.

Mali Egypt Syria Algeria Analysis – Sheikh Imran Hosein [video]

February 8, 2013

So-called militants – encouraged by imperialists – so that western colonialism can intervene to save Africa from the menacing Islam.

Algeria is the next target

Israel needs these developments in order to portray herself as a saviour

Salafists are dajjals warriors fighting NATO’s wars

It is because of Putin that Turkey has not attacked Syria.

Geopolitics – Rob Prince [audio]

Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson
Februrary 19, 2013


Algeria a Target In This Recolonisation of Africa – Morris [video]

January 19, 2013

President Hollande of France visited Algeria 2 weeks before launching his attack on Mali. He was given a green light for his attack aircraft to be refueled in Algerian Airspace, and according to an anonymous Algerian source he was given the finance to wage the war on Mali (reminds me of Gaddafi financing Sarkozy’s election campaign).

That Algeria gave the countries of the hostages (Japan, US, France and the UK) no advance warning of an attack (on the In-Amenas Oil installation) shows Algeria doesn’t trust the West or wish to give them any excuse to enter on the ground.

Fact is, Algeria is Paying France In Blood And Money for the so-called Mali War.

And for my detractors – when I say these wars are for social engineering – the resources can be got for a lot less than the cost of bombing, furthermore that there are a group of people ready to profit from raping the countries resources proves nothing.

Why has Qatar been used to facilitate orphanages in Mali?

‘Al-Qaeda threat NATO’s smoke screen for re-colonization of Northern Africa’ [video]

Russia Today
January 20, 2013

The Algerian military has reportedly taken five Islamic terrorists alive, in the aftermath of the gas facility hostage siege. With the clear-up operation still ongoing, the civilian death toll’s expected to rise as more bodies are discovered. Several foreign civilians were among dozens killed when Algerian forces stormed the site, taken by militants in revenge for the French intervention in neighbouring Mali. Britain has stepped forward to help the French intervention, by providing cargo planes to transfer supplies to the war zone. But journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark says the European stance against Islamists is inconsistent – READ FULL SCRIPT http://on.rt.com/ii6exk

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France Displays Unhinged Hypocrisy as Bombs Fall on Mali

by Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer

NATO funding, arming, & simultaneously fighting Al Qaeda from Mali to Syria.

January 11, 2013 (LD) – A deluge of articles have been quickly put into circulation defending France’s military intervention in the African nation of Mali. TIME’s article, “The Crisis in Mali: Will French Intervention Stop the Islamist Advance?” decides that old tricks are the best tricks, and elects the tiresome “War on Terror” narrative.

TIME claims the intervention seeks to stop “Islamist” terrorists from overrunning both Africa and all of Europe. Specifically, the article states:

“…there is a (probably well-founded) fear in France that a radical Islamist Mali threatens France most of all, since most of the Islamists are French speakers and many have relatives in France. (Intelligence sources in Paris have told TIME that they’ve identified aspiring jihadis leaving France for northern Mali to train and fight.) Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), one of the three groups that make up the Malian Islamist alliance and which provides much of the leadership, has also designated France — the representative of Western power in the region — as a prime target for attack.”


israel threats against Iran, against int’l law: Algeria

November 5, 2012

The Algerian ambassador to Tehran says the Israeli regime’s war rhetoric against Iran and other regional countries is in flagrant violation of international laws and the UN Charter.

Sofiane Mimouni said on Monday that according to the United Nations Charter, any threat against a UN member state is “forbidden and unacceptable.”

Mimouni said his country continues to support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear technology, adding that the Islamic Republic has never violated the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

“Algeria has constantly supported the legal rights of countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, to possess and use peaceful nuclear technology,” said the Algerian diplomat.

Tel Aviv has repeatedly threatened Iran with a military strike, falsely claiming that Tehran is pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program. 

Iran argues that as a signatory to the NPT and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, it has the right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Iranian officials have promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East.

Source: Press TV

Mali Refugees Spreading – Yahya [video]

October 19, 2012

The aftermath of NATO’s assistance in North Africa is plenty of weapons in Mali, it is more Al Qaeda types who have taken control of Northern Mali. Now the French, the Algerians and the EU have all voiced support for a military intervention.
Which will probably happen quite soon from Western sponsored African forces.
A google search of Yahya Eromosele will bring up his FB and YT accounts