PODCAST — Sunday Wire guest Vanessa Beeley reports on events in Madaya

by 21st Century Wire
Jan 15, 2016

We’re joined by international journalist and human rights advocate and campaigner, Vanessa Beeley (thewallwillfall.wordpress.com), to discuss breaking events in Syria, Yemen and Serbia, including NGO deception and phony humanitarian propaganda designed to prolong the conflict and pave the way for western military intervention.

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Death toll rises to 44 in worst ever Balkan flooding (PHOTOS)

RT News
Published time: May 18, 2014 14:01
Edited time: May 18, 2014 17:30

An aerial view of flooding in Orasje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 18, 2014. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic)

The overall death toll in the unprecedented floods that have raged across the Balkans has reached 44, as more bodies were recovered from the Serbian town of Obrenovac on Sunday.

In “Obrenovac alone we recovered 12 corpses,” Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said, as cited by the Associated Press. That brings the number of disaster victims in Serbia up to 16, while Bosnia has confirmed 27 dead and Croatia one.


Syrian Situation is a Lunatic Asylum of Conflicts of Interests

21st Century Wire
March 14, 2013

JLby Jason Liosatos
21st Century Wire

The chaos in Syria is a plethora of conflicting interests and motives resulting in a predictable and chaotic bloodbath, with various participants inside and outside Syria playing their part overtly and covertly in the horrendous debacle.

Our world has become like a chess board with Government participants and power players using any mistakes and outcomes to further their own interests, which has become almost normal. It is interesting but shocking that it seems almost unbelievable to most people that ethical and moral ideals, and peace and harmony seem impossible globally.

The US and Western governments are sidestepping their own laws and arming desperate, angry men who have little to lose and little to gain when the dust finally settles. We see UK’s warmonger William Hague and Russia’s Sergei Lavrov shaking hands but who are both benefiting from the bloodshed, with Russia being a key weapons supplier for Damascus with current contracts worth around $1.5bn (£950m), with its fear that US and the West are closing in on them. William Hague and UK are also salivating at the prospect of a Syria without Assad with a fortune to be made on rebuilding contracts, and from a foothold in the region, and a fortune being made by arming the rebels if they veto the extension of the arms embargo, though apparently they are already arming the rebels with weapons shipped from Serbia. Add to this the Saudi interests, Iran, Turkey and all the other conflicting or complementary interests and we have a literal lunatic soup with the chefs of each ingredient hell bent on getting the most out of the finished recipe for themselves, be it a recipe of disaster or harmony.

This is the sickness and danger of our world Governments, that almost without exception their interests of greed, gain and control by far outweigh their ethical and moral compass to do the right thing,  but instead by doing the thing which benefits them most. The ethical compromises which we see amongst the decisions being made by world leaders are probably our greatest threat as humanity, because of repercussions down the time line, the consequential results, in the as yet unseen future, created by acts without vision and wisdom, their vision blinded by an insatiable lust for power and control, and we are becoming used to it.

NOT ROLLING OVER: Syria has turned out to be one of NATO’s most difficult regime change operations.

In Syria the insanity is endemic within all the fighting factions, be it Assad, the rebels, the religious complications, the US government, al Qaeda,  UK, Russia and many others – we are seeing a culmination worldwide of  results and outcomes of imbalanced, insane symptoms resulting in a literal sickness of aggression and xenophobia throughout humanity as a whole, as short term greed and fear sweeps its destructive path across continents and the world, with the ultimate destructive god of money and mass manipulation ruling the world and destroying societies and perpetuating war and misery globally.

Our world has definitely become a prime example of how quickly a planet can turn into a lunatic asylum when its psychotic, megalomaniac leaders become seduced by the drug of money and control, turning the planet into a literal war torn casino and hard labor camp where almost everything revolves around money, gain and control, at any cost to human, animal or planet. We only need imagine someone watching us from another planet of peace and stability, and wonder what they would think observing our present and past situation of continual war and conflict spearheaded by insane leadership.

Our inbuilt, ethical and moral alarm bells, though seriously impaired, are still ringing loud and clear that something is dangerously wrong in our system, as we watch people and children, our human brothers and sisters, kill each other and themselves in their fight for freedom, and it is an emergency now that we all put our shoulders to the wheel of change, a change that must come from within each of us if we are to see a change outside of us.

We must also recognize that we are very easily manipulated and controlled, and if we are to live in peace we must all become peace individually and drop our labels of race and religions that cause the problematic divisions among us which are played upon with impunity by our greedy, power mad governments.

Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic to President Tadic: Stop GMO, Stop Chemtrails, Or I Will Call the People of Serbia to the Streets

by Brian Andrews

August 16, 2011

In this remarkable video from Serbia (English transcript is below), Nikola Aleksic, Director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, issues a stern warning to the president Boris Tadic to stop importing food based upon GMO and stop the chemtrail spraying, or he will call and personally lead the people of Serbia to the streets.  He concludes his speech by saying: “You can be sure that, I, Nikola Aleksic, will keep my word – even at the cost of my own life.”

Aleksic also implores the Serbian army to “defend you people and sky over Serbia”, and tells the people of Serbia  that now is no time to be cowards – they need to stand up for their rights for themselves and their children.

Here’s the transcript of Nikola Aleksic’s amazing speech:

National Assembly and the Government of Serbia,

The recent events surrounding the intentions for legalizing the growing genetically modified organisms (GMO) have shown that these GMO plans must be put under public supervision and control since they betray the national interests of the Serbian people.

They must not play with the state and our lives, no matter who wants them.

The legalization of the growing GMO in Serbia would mean that we would have to open our borders to import such food and products.

Import of such hazardous foods would start the biggest genocide over the Serbian people.

To those swashbucklers in charge, it was too little or they are really in a hurry, so they came up with a new technique in which they began treating us like insects.

See our sky Serbian citizens!

You can see it for yourself!  See the traces of poison that comes from unmarked planes daily.  From the moment when our own government signed the so-called Partnership for Peace (on December 14, 2006), the sky over Serbia is completely under the network of poison trails, which felonious planes pour daily like we are insects and not people.

Above us are implemented “vivo” experiments as in concentration camps during World War II.

Above is us is open genocide!  Our traitorous government allowed it.

They have sold their own people in order to remain in a position where they were brought by criminal representative of foreign agencies.

Do you have a right to be a coward?

Can you be a coward when you and your children are constantly sprayed with poisons, of which nobody in our government will tell you what toxins we are being bombarded with?

Can you be a coward when you know that this traitorous team sold you and surrendered you to the mercy and disfavor of the most felonious organization in the world?

I, Nikola Aleksic, the director of the Ecology Movement of Novi Sad, in Serbia, which is the only organization that is advocating and fighting for the protection of the health and life of the population, CAN NOT AND WILL NOT BE SILENT!

Publicly, I demand that the army of Serbia constitutionally defend its people and its skies over Serbia.

They should take down unmarked planes and the criminals who are carrying out genocide over our population.

If the Serbian Army, back I 1991, had an excuse for betraying the people and the state, explaining that it was a political group army, I ask them today with open heart: Whose army are you now since you allow complete and public poisoning of your own people by spraying from the sky with unmarked planes of the most felonious organization in the world.

Are you aware of the consequences of your betrayal?

Do you think that your children will not breathe the sprayed poisons?  That your children will be exempted from the genocide?

To soldiers: defend you people and sky over Serbia.

Do NOT wait for the command of traitorous management, because when they give the command, we are no more.

You’ve sworn to the people of Serbia and not some foreign leaders who trample the Constitution of Serbia and betray their own people.

I, Nikola Aleksic, demand from the Public Prosecutor of Serbia to start doing his job or we will consider him an accomplice to the treachery and poisoning of his own people. You must initiate proceedings against those responsible for betrayal – even against the president of the Republic of Serbia.

Somebody sold us to the felons.  Somebody sold the sky over Serbia to those felons so that they could poison us.  Somebody in

Serbia gave permission to those criminals so that they could use unmarked planes for poisoning as a beginning of genocide of the Serbian population.  The crime of genocide never expires.

If the Public Prosecutor doesn’t start doing his job today, the people will do it themselves because it is over our heads.

We can NOT and will NOT remain silent.

Serbia has to wake up or she is no more.  Serbia is facing death!  She has been robbed, humiliated, with an endangered future.

And above all, now they have also stared to poison our environment, our people, and future generations.

None of us know the extent of the damage from the felonious spraying from the unmarked planes that can take place in the future.

None of us know in which generation may happen already planned sterility of our scion.  In which generation will they wipe us out from the geopolitical map of the world?

This poisoning must be stopped! One way or another… so that we will not experience fatal consequences.

Now, this is a question for the Serbian people.  Therefore, I say to Boris Tadic personally: if you don’t stop the poisoning of people from planes, or if you don’t stop importing food based upon GMO, then I, Nikola Aleksic, will call the people of Serbia to get on the streets, and I will be the first.

But, not to crush the system, but to defend the constitution and the current applicable laws and rights for our future.

People of Serbia, I call upon you to defend our natural and constitutional right with all available resources, our right to health lives: our sacred right to the future and the future of your children’s children.

To defend our natural and the constitutional right to exist.

About the time and place for going out into the streets, I will promptly notify you in public.

You can be sure that, I, Nikola Aleksic, will keep my word – even at the cost of my own life.

[hat tip: Kevin Canada]

[Potent News Editor’s note: Apparently there was an assassination attempt on this man and eventually he was unlawfully arrested.  I can’t find any updates on this situation in English but will post more if I find any.  If any of the readers wish to comment on this, feel free to comment below or send me any tips via the contact form.]

Russia’s Serbia Plays The EU and Clinton [video]

November 6, 2012

Serbia is a Slavic brother to Russia, and just as NATO is waging war on the Muslims it is also waging wars on the Orthodox Christians. Neither the Orthodox nor the muslims believe in Usury or the gregarious hedonism of the West. And Serbia along with Russia, Iran, Armenia and they hope Ukraine will create a Pan Eurasian alliance to withstand the NATO onslaught.

Serbia and the Origins of NATO Human Rights Imperialism [video]

October 22, 2012

The Historical Background of the 3rd Balkan War (Yugoslav War)

Srebinica was an infowars media spectacle

Strong Iranian Serb relations

Russian Troops in Belgrade is what stopped NATO

NATO bases used for transporting Afghani Opium

Serbia was part of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires
and has an affinity to Constantinople

Several Byzantine Emperors were Serbian

Inluding Dioclesian, and Constantines I and 8

Serbian empire in the Medieval Period:


Chemtrail public warning – Free Nikola Aleksic! monsanto serbia inc. [video]

YouTube — joggler66
December 3, 2011

Please read the description! Re-upload and spread the word.
Tuesday, Oct.4 2011 an alleged assassination attempt was committed by someone in a car with a police license on the life of the well-known green movement anti-chemtrail worker, Director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, Mr. Nikola Aleksic.

In October 2011, Nikola Aleksic, leader of Ecological Movement of Novi Sad in Serbia, was arrested and fined. Earlier on his way to a conference in Belgrade, an attempt was reportedly made on his life. And Monsanto has sued him with the threat of removing him and his family from their rented flat as “collateral.”

Why all the fuss? Nikola made a spirited speech, recorded on video, challenging the Serbian president for allowing GMOs to come into Serbia. He also challenged the Serbian government for allowing planes to spray chemtrails in the Serbian skies.
A brave outspoken challenge

He forcefully spoke of all this as genocide. That the future of Serbians will fade away from the poisons of chemtrails and the toxicity and sterility generated by GMOs.

Mara Kern, wrote the original article, posted by “Food Freedom” and others, on Nikola Aleksi. He even called on the Serbian Army to do their duty and protect Serbian skies. He demanded the Serbian prosecutor declare Serbia a non-GMO zone.

Then he warned the president of Serbia, Boris Tadic, that if he continued to play along with Monsanto’s GMO plans and not put a stop to chemtrails, he would urge Sebians to hit the streets and he, Nikola Aleksi, would be among the first.

As Mara Kern explained, Nikola has done well the ecology movement, but his latest complaints are banned from mainstream media.

There have been two or three Natural News articles referring to Monsanto’s use of Xe, a private security group formerly known as Blackwater. Yes, the mercenary group changed their names to shine up their tarnished image.
As a corporate intelligence agency for Monsanto, Xe is assigned with locating and isolating international GMO dissenters so they can be marginalized, bought, or removed.

Monsanto marches on through government leaders!!

Monsanto has succeeded with taking over the US Government and its regulatory agencies. They are meeting with resistance elsewhere, but they are persistent and ruthless. It appears Monsanto has what it takes to corrupt leaders of other foreign nations, any which way that allows them entry.

Recently, with the Green Party out of the picture, Ireland’s current ruling party, Finna Fail, dropped Ireland’s non-GMO zone stance. They have gone along with the EU Commission’s decision to alter the EU’s zero tolerance GMO policy. Monsanto is managing to erode resistance in Europe.

Monsanto’s techniques are similar to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approach with national leaders: Persuasion, bribery, and ultimately assassination or “regime change” to exploit a nations resources.

Nikola Aleksic has almost been assassinated, according to Mara Kern’s article. And now he has been arrested and is being hassled by Monsanto. He is the Patrick Henry of food freedom and ecological protection.

also watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2S3kHOpVZM&feature=like-suggest&list=UL

Original upload byr MrMinutemen on 2 dec 2011