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What Really Happened in Libya? – Mahdi Nazemroaya on GRTV (1/3)

Media Openly Admits Foreign Special Forces Behind Overthrow of Qaddafi – Alex Jones Tv

NATO Ransacking of Libya Nearing Completion

Western Run Al-Qaeda Groups Engaging in Mass Murder, Looting & Humanitarian Atrocities

Paul Joseph Watson: NATO Prepares “Humanitarian” Occupation Of Libya

Webster Tarpley: Qaddafi Forces Still Resisting NATO’s Rape of Libya

Paul Joseph Watson: NATO Hands Terrorists Who Killed U.S. Troops Control of Libya – Alex Jones Tv

Webster Tarpey: Al-Qaeda, U.S. & NATO Forces Launch ‘Operation Mermaid Dawn’ 1/2

Webster Tarpley from Tripoli: Million Man March Dares Obama, NATO to Invade! – Alex Jones Tv 1/2

Tarpley from Tripoli: Take fishing boat and you’ll be drone-bombed

Dr. Webster Tarpley Reports from Tripoli: Devastation at The Hands of NATO & Obama Continue 1/3

Cynthia McKinney: Obama’s So Called Humanitarian Aid to Libya is A Disaster 1/2

Cynthia McKinney: Final Thoughts on The Bombing in Libya

Libya, Syria and the Road to World War III – Paul Craig Roberts on The Corbett Report

Webster Tarpley: Al Qaeda does US dirty work in Libya

Tarpley: US aiding racists in Libya


‘Gaddafi switching to guerrilla mode’ (August 25, 2011)

Order: Kill non-mainstream reporters in Libya, What U.S. is hiding (August 22, 2011)

One Million March for Gaddafi: Where is this story? (June 23, 2011)

40 civilians dead in Tripoli strikes: Vatican official (March 31, 2011)


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