The Morgellons Movement Takes Flight

Morgellons Research Group

by Kathryn A. Augustyn

November 3, 2011

The first Morgellons Research Group Public Conference Call was held Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011, at 6pm PST, and it was a great success. The MRG group members were very pleased with the turnout.  The Morgellons Movement is now in flight and on its way to join other movements for the benefit of mankind. These movements are bringing back the “people’s voices”.  The Morgellons Movement needs energy to hold the CDC, the NIH, the AMA, the WHO, public health officials, the DOE and the DOD responsible for the lack of focusing energy/money/expertise that should have been centered on protecting the people. These issues of public health and of new emerging syndromes should have been noted, like the Morgellons artifacts, now visualized on our planet.

This focus on the people should have been the sole purpose for the existence of these agencies. They have failed to inform the public that they are used as experiments. This new technology should have been foremost in their minds, but it wasn’t. Their jobs were to protect the public and they have failed to do so; in fact, to even warn the public. And if they purposely have done this for methods of depopulation, then we no longer have a government “of, by and for the people”. Therefore, these movements especially Morgellons Movement will bring this information to the public. We must face the music. The resonance playing today is not of the public’s interest.

As suggested in later discussion on holding agencies responsible for errors and neglect of the citizens of this country, Dr. Wil Spencer suggests a “whole new government” is what needs to be established. He adds, “WE DO NOT NEED TO HOLD THESE …TARDS ACCOUNTABLE!!! WE KNOW MOST ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND THEY ALL NEED TO BE DEALT WITH IN AN EXTREMELY FIRM WAY!!! WE NEED TO GET A WHOLE NEW GOVERNMENT BODY IN OFFICE AS REAL PUBLIC SERVANTS.”

Many on the public conference call were people who wish to speak about Agenda 21 atrocities. One of these is Chemtrails, which include bio-nano-agents dumped from the skies as this program of evolutionary geoengineering continues. Nature can take care of itself. This approval by Congress of bioagents used for experiments only perpetuates a certain type of control that can be geographic and worldwide. One individual on the call reminded us of the that bill was passed giving the “authority of the US government” to use these agents on the populace. That bill, approved by Congress is Public Law 9579. Please read it for yourself.



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