The Hegelian Dialectic: Liberals vs Conservatives

liberals_vs_conservativesvia Conspiracy School
by David Livingstone
Sep 12, 2015

You would hope that people aware of the reality of the use of the Hegelian Dialectic towards bringing about a New World Order would recognize it when it’s being used against them.

But instead, the truth movement is corrupted with the sort of dialectical thinking intended to keep the movement not only divided, but incapable of apprehending the real truth of the conspiracy

The ruse has succeeded for the fact that most people have forgotten one of their most basic childhood lessons, that: two wrongs don’t make a right!

By way of summary, the Hegelian Dialectic words like this: First of all, it’s an idea derived from the Kabbalah, which justifies its Luciferianism by claiming that evil is part of creation, and the result of the absence of good. In reality, evil is not a cosmic force, but a resistance to or contradiction of cosmic truth.

Ultimately, the Hegelian dialectic, like the Kabbalah, posits that history is evolving, and that in the end the truth will conclude in the resolution of contradictions. First an idea begins as a “synthesis.” It is then opposed by an “anti-thesis,” before becoming resolved in a “synthesis.”

In their diabolical cynicism, the Luciferians exercise their influence in the world by nurturing false oppositions, in order to force the dumb populace into recognizing the apparent contradictions inherent in each of them, and thus inducing them to accept their false solution or synthesis.

There are many forms of the dialectic in operation. The most fundamental one, the one that has shaped the very premise of the Western democratic societies and now the Clash of Civilizations, is the nonsense that there is a conflict between religion and science, in order to produce a “synthesis” as secularism.



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