Canadian 9/11 Petition And The Need For Justice [video]

Press For Truth
December 17, 2012

Today on Press For Truth TV we are joined by Tyrone Drummond to talk about the Canadian led initiative to have an investigation into the events of September 11th. This campaign seeks to present a petition which has gathered 1400 signatures to be read in Parliament. 24 Canadians died in the attacks and many more Canadian lives have been lost in Afghanistan and we will not let up until justice has been served.

Canadian 9/11 Petition: History, Follow Up With Paul Dewar And Future (feat.WAC OTTAWA) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBAI8_zkSoI

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EU Censors Alternative News in Bid to Dominate Narrative

Land Destroyer

Western media quietly attempts to censor growing global opposition, begins with Iranian media. 
by Tony Cartalucci

October 16, 2012 – Iran’s Press TV reported in their article, “Press TV viewers slam EU move to ban Iran channels as illegal, hypocritical,” that “Press TV viewers have condemned as illegal and hypocritical the ban imposed by the European officials on the broadcast of several Iranian satellite channels.” Nearly no mention is made in the Western media regarding the blatant act of censorship – an act that runs contra to all perceived notions of “Western values,” and an act that directly undermines the narratives of the West supporting “freedom” and “democracy” around the globe.

Image: The West has spent billions trying to leverage “freedom of speech” and “human rights” as a means to undermine, destabilize, overthrow, and replace governments around the world, from the US-engineered Eastern European “color-revolutions” after the fall of the Soviet Union, to the latest US-engineered “Arab Spring,” and all across Southeast Asia. Now with the West pursuing its own campaign of censorship, it is clear that these “values” were merely selectively and opportunistically manipulated.


The news has been buried under reports regarding a new round of sanctions passed by the EU which was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize even while pursuing multiple wars across the globe, including continuing operations in Libya, the subversion of Syria, and a decade long occupation of Afghanistan which sees weekly civilian massacres by NATO air strikes on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border. In fact, the most recent NATO atrocity occurred not even a week ago, killing 3 children in the Helmand province. Of course this was absent in Western headlines, but it did make headlines in Iran’s Press TV, and indicates a more realistic explanation to the EU’s decision to ban the Iranian news service.

Clearly the EU has no qualms over endangering civilian lives – its concerns over “human rights” are a selectively applied value it uses against its enemies with demonstrably no intention of holding itself to similar standards. Now, the EU has applied this same selective application of supposed “Western values” to “freedom of speech,” curtailing it when that speech endangers its own interests, and pursuing “freedom” when it advances their agenda. And it is this hypocrisy that the increasingly popular Press TV news service has been illustrating, as a counterweight to the uniformly biased and compromised Western press.

It was US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who stated that censorship incurred “long-term economic and social costs,” with oppression leading to “civil unrest and not security.” Many Western politicians executing corporate-financier driven policy have stated that a regime’s pursuit of censorship was a sign of weakness and fear – an indicator that its opposition was gaining ground and that more overt, visible, even desperate measures needed to be implemented. Censorship, according to the West’s own narrative, is part of a self-defeating cycle where legitimacy and the mandate to lead increasingly is fading.

With that consideration in mind, the censorship of Iran’s Press TV should be a sign that Iran’s efforts to balance global public perception skewed by the vast resources of Wall Street and London are succeeding. Along with Russia Today (RT), Press TV has provided nations who aspire to live in a mulipolar world where the primacy of the nation-state prevails, a model to follow in combating the unwarranted power and influence of Western media houses.

Above all, it should be noted that a key contributing factor to Press TV and RT’s success is the growing alternative media – media by the people and for the people – whose legitimacy and reputation is measured in accuracy, consistency, and objectivity, not slick graphics, expensive suits, and million-dollar studios. The alternative media has provided content for growing national news agencies seeking to challenge the West’s hegemony over information, and while national news agencies ultimately pursue national agendas, the content they are drawing on generally come from people simply seeking the truth.

The EU’s act of censorship against Press TV is in turn a strike against the alternative media. Instead of being seen as a setback, it should be seen as a success and a signal to redouble our efforts as individuals to assert our own will and vision for the future over that of the miniscule global elite who have so far gone unchallenged in their designs and aspirations. The alternative media should be only the first in a series of people-driven alternatives systematically undermining and replacing existing corporate-financier dominated paradigms.

US-Canada “Terror Justice”: I Will Never Forget Omar Khadr

Global Research
October 1, 2012

Daily Kos

by Nulwee Follow

I’ve known about Omar Khadr since he was a boy. He’s 26, like me.  At age 15, U.S. military found Khadr face-down, unconscious, under a pile of rubble in Afghanistan. When Khadr regained consciousness a week later, he was at Bagram air force base, “one of the worst places on Earth“:

Damien Corsetti, who was known as “Monster” at Bagram, based on a tattoo on his chest, and also as “The King of Torture,” described himself as “a disabled veteran suffering post traumatic stress disorder as a result of his interrogation work in both Afghanistan and Iraq,” and explained how, on seeing Khadr on July 29, 2002, just two days after his capture, he was struck by how he was an injured “child” detained in “one of the worst places on Earth.” He added, “More than anything, he looked beat up. He was a 15 year-old kid with three holes in his body, a bunch of shrapnel in his face. That was what I remember. How horrible this 15 year-old child looked.”

The well-circulated photo of Khadr at age 14, only a little younger than he was at his capture, still haunts me, not unlike the photo of the bombing victim Ali Ismael Abbas which I used to wave at Iraq Occupation protests.  It has been alleged that Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen, was a child soldier, used as a pawn first by terrorists and then punished by the U.S as if he were an adult with agency.Khadr is being released to Canada after a decade long battle by civil rights groups.  He will serve out his sentence in Canadian prison, with eligibility for parole in 2013.

The U.S. defence department issued a statement Saturday referring to the five war crimes to which Khadr pleaded guilty before a military commission:murder in violation of the law of war attempted murder in violation of the law of war conspiracy providing material support for terrorism spying

There are too many ironies and outrages to catalogue in this diary entry.Khadr was still injured when the torture began. The interrogators pried open his mind and used fear to transform him:

There is much more in the affidavit – casual cruelty, whereby guards made Khadr do hard manual labor when his wounds were not healed, and, significantly, threats “to have me raped, or sent to other countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan or Israel to be raped.” He also noted, “I would always hear people screaming, both day and night,” and explained that other prisoners were scared of his interrogator. “Most people would not talk about what had been done to them,” he declared. “This made me afraid.”Khadr also described what happened to him in Guantánamo, where, as I explained last week, he “arrived around the time that a regime of humiliation, isolation and abuse, including extreme temperature manipulation, forced nudity and sexual humiliation, had just been introduced, by reverse-engineering torture techniques, used in a military program designed to train US personnel to resist interrogation if captured, in an attempt to increase the meager flow of ‘actionable intelligence’ from the prison.”

At various points in 2003, while the use of these techniques was still widespread, Khadr stated that he was short-shackled in painful positions and left for up to ten hours in a freezing cold cell, threatened with rape and with being transferred to another country where he could be raped, and, on one particular occasion, when he had been left short-shackled in a painful position until he urinated on himself:

Military police poured pine oil on the floor and on me, and then, with me lying on my stomach and my hands and feet cuffed together behind me, the military police dragged me back and forth through the mixture of urine and pine oil on the floor. Later, I was put back in my cell, without being allowed a shower or a change of clothes. I was not given a change of clothes for two days. They did this to me again a few weeks later.

Khadr was subjected to a ‘Palestinian hanging’:

The first to reveal a glimpse of the regime at Bagram was, ironically, a medic called as a witness by the prosecution. “Mr. M,” as he was identified, who testified by video link from Boston, countered Khadr’s claims that, while he was at Bagram, “five people in civilian clothes would come and change my bandages,” and that they “treated me very roughly and videotaped me while they did it,” stating that he alone changed his bandages twice a day, and that no rough treatment was involved.He did, however, note that, on one occasion, he found Khadr hooded and chained to a cage by his wrists with his arms “just above eye level,” and that when he lifted the hood, Khadr was visibly upset. The medic added, as Carol Rosenberg described it in the Miami Herald, that “he didn’t object to Khadr’s treatment, because chaining was an approved form of punishment” at Bagram, “adding that he didn’t know the reason for the punishment nor how long Khadr had been chained.”

This rather nonchalant description of “chaining” may not have shocked the medic, especially as the chains were apparently “slack enough to allow Khadr’s feet to touch the floor,” but the only reason for this was because of the severity of his wounds, as Khadr explained in his affidavit, in which he also stated that he was chained up “several times.” Otherwise, like numerous other prisoners, including Dilawar (the subject of “Taxi to the Dark Side”) and Mullah Habibullah, the two prisoners who were killed at Bagram in December 2002, he would have been fully suspended by his wrists, in a torture technique more commonly known as the “strappado” technique or “Palestinian hanging.”

Nevertheless, as Barry Coburn, Khadr’s lead lawyer, explained, the medic’s testimony provided “critically important validation” of statements in his client’s affidavit, and another of his lawyers, Kobie Flowers, added, “Had this been an American soldier in North Korea, people would be outraged. Here we have a 15-year-old individual who was nearly killed with bullets in his back who was left up there to hang as punishment.”

There’s more in the long, sad, tale of Omar Khadr. But that gives you some idea.This is a critical story and its embers have to remain hot.  These are the stakes. The U.S. can choose to forget that it captured and tortured a boy for years, physically and psychologically. That it tortured many people, some Middle Eastern, some Western. I guarantee you that the price of forgetting will revisit us in the future. Or we can remember the stain on our nation, like many other countries have to each day.

Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and The Zionists – Sheikh Imran Hosein Part 2 Sept 20 [video]

September 20, 2012

This Turkish Govt deceived us – The stand against the Flotilla was a show for our eyes.
Turkish offensive against Syria will bring a Turkish Civil War.
The occupation of Afghanistan was designed to launch an attack on Pakistan.
9/11 was also designed to make this assault on Pakistan.
Zionists have an association with the Occult.
The attack on Pakistan is inevitable
Part 3 to follow – probably about 16 hours from now, maybe sooner ….

New Zealand Troops Withdrawing from Afghan Early – Evelyn [video]

September 4, 2012

Evelyn is a very knowledgeable Blogger from New Zealand – She offers many insights beyond New Zealand’s involvement.
http://aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com – Evelyn’s blog – well worth subscribing to!
And this is her posting on the New Zealand troops withdrawing:

Russias GeoStrategic Ways – Orthodox Warrior [video]

September 2, 2012

Another bright Tweeterer guides us through Putin’s path.
Syria, Iran, Afghanistan
Orthodox Warrior’s twitter account: http://twitter.com/Soldatovich

Rense & Celente – Society is Now a Rotten Fish [video]

August 16, 2012

Fish Rot from the head down and that is how Celente describes our society …

‘US plans indefinite stay in Afghanistan’ [video]

Press TV
May 2, 2012

US President Obama and Afghan President Karzai have signed an agreement to allow US ‘non-combat’ troops and Special Forces, to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Interview with Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, Marfa, Texas

Apologies fail as Afghans demand troops out [video]

Russia Today
March 13, 2012

The US has apologised for the killing spree incident and the unnamed 38-year-old staff sergeant is under arrest, being held at an undisclosed location. The shooting has severely strained relations between Afghans and foreign forces – with anti-American rallies reflecting widespread fury.

RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reports the patience of the Afghan people may well be running out.

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David Swanson: Atrocities of War: Video of US Marines Creates Outrage [video]

January 12, 2012

As Washington attempts to limit the damage done by the now-infamous YouTube video which apparently depicts US marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters, critics say such actions are the inevitable outcome of an unjustified war.

As US defense secretary Leon Panetta condemned the footage “in the strongest possible terms,” Afghan President Hamid Karzai released a statement on Thursday calling the alleged desecration of the dead bodies “completely inhumane.”

With Karzai imploring the US military to punish those responsible, Panetta promised “those found to have engaged in such conduct will be held accountable to the fullest extent.”

The Pentagon further stated it was still in the process of identifying the four soldiers who mockingly urinated on the slain fighters while a fifth one stood back and filmed the incident.

But while the Pentagon attempts to fight off claims that there are systemic problems in the American military, David Swanson, author and campaigner at rootsaction.org, told RT the latest scandal is not an isolated incident.

“This is not a group of four or five sociopaths who somehow made it through screening and got into deployment in the service of the United States. This is the result of the inevitable training that is necessary to get men and women to take part in a war that is not defensive, that has no reasonable moral or legal justification.”

In fact, Swanson argues that scandals like this can actually lead people to overlook greater injustices being committed.

“My outrage in particular is in the fact that these soldiers have apparently murdered these people and the scandal is that they are urinating on them. The hatred that is necessary to get people to do such a thing is necessary to motivate soldiers to fight in a war that has no other credible rationale. The war itself is an atrocity, and so we pick out these particular atrocities and we get outraged. But we don’t look at the underlying fact, and we end up with this incredibly bizarre phenomenon of being upset that someone is peeing on a body that he has killed.”

Originally aired on RT, January 12, 2012

Also availalbe on David Swanson’s website, War Is A Crime:

Kabul blast video: First seconds after Shiite holiday attack (video)

December 6, 2011

At least 45 people including children were killed in the huge blast at the entrance to a riverside shrine in central Kabul, where hundreds of singing Shiite Muslims had gathered to mark Ashura.