Gun Confiscation Begins in NY Via Dead Family Members — videos included

Screenshot: WGRZ Chan 2 News

by Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
Nov 14, 2014

Gun confiscation has indeed begun in New York.

This is not an over-hyped claim although this confiscation has yet to take the form of kicking down doors and SWAT teams.


Still, rarely do such forms of tyranny come in one fell swoop with all the alarm bells ringing and the requisite flashing neon sign declaring a police state, apparently the only thing that might make Americans wake up and smell the fascism.

In the absence of that presentation, however, Buffalo police are doing the next best thing – tracking down gun owners, investigating their “permits,” and confiscating their guns if possible.

Buffalo police are now checking the records of “pistol permit holders” to see if the holders are still living. If the permit holder is no longer living, the police will investigate “what happened to their gun or guns.”

Under the guise of “illegal weapons” brought in to New York from Pennsylvania, police have informed reporters that their biggest problem in terms of guns used in crimes involved guns that had been stolen from private properties during burglaries.

Of course, police made no mention of Fast and Furious or of the fact that police are unable (and also unwilling) to investigate and respond to violent crimes because their departments are too busy enforcing the drug war, writing tickets, shooting family pets, and manning DUI checkpoints. Instead, the Buffalo Police’s response to the fact that burglaries are being committed is not to crack down on the burglars, but to eliminate the property the burglars want to take.

Channel 2 News reported that “Police feel that, in some cases, families are holding on to weapons, even after the person who bought them originally has died. [The horror!!!!!!] So now they are actually looking for those situations.”

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Silicon Valley startup unveils Internet-connected smart guns for cops — video included

Canadian Awareness Network
Oct 30, 2014

Real-time data on location, and when weapons are being unholstered and fired.

by David Kravets – Oct 24 2014, 12:30pm EDT

A Silicon Valley startup said Friday that police agencies were field testing its new product: a wireless sensor that transforms officers’ weapons into smart guns with real-time telemetry.

Yardarm Technologies’ sensor is a small device that goes inside gun handles and provides dispatchers with real-time geo-location tracking information on the weapon. The Yardarm Sensor also sends alerts when a weapon is unholstered or fired, and it can “record the direction of aim, providing real-time tactical value for commanders and providing crime scene investigators valuable data for prosecution,” the company said.

The 10-employee company based in Capitola, California, said it was deploying the technology on a trial basis. The first takers have been the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department in California and the Carrollton Police Department in Texas.

“By connecting the firearm to the cloud, we give departments a technology that enhances officer safety, improves operational efficiency, and builds community trust,” Jim Schaff, a Yardarm vice president, said.
The announcement comes as the public is seeking more accountability of officers following the August 9 shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. The shooting has prompted widespread protests and left some demanding a technological solution.

In response, the Ferguson Police Department began equipping its officers with body cameras so that officers may record their daily patrols. Police departments elsewhere have also started using body cameras, and others are exploring the idea. A White House petition with 154,000-plus signatures is demanding that all police in the US “wear a camera.”

While it won’t capture the details of all of an officer’s interactions with the public, the Yardarm device may provide critical information. Santa Cruz County Sheriff Phil Wowak was highly optimistic that the sensors would bolster accountability. “A law enforcement leader’s ultimate responsibility is to keep their staff and the public safe at all times,” Wowak said. “Yardarm’s technology is a groundbreaking way to do just that, and every sheriff and police chief worldwide should be looking at this product for the future of their department.”

Yardarm is also marketing the technology to private security firms and the military. It hopes to capitalize not just on its hardware but on subscription fees from dispatcher software makers.

The sensors put into gun handles are connected via Bluetooth to a law enforcement official’s smartphone, which sends the data to Yardarm’s servers. The data is then routed to police departments in encrypted form, the company said.

The 18-month-old startup has raised about $1.5 million so far and has radically altered its business model. Initially, the company focused on the consumer firearms market, but it ran into controversy. It was hawking technology that would allow private gun owners the ability to remotely lock a weapon. If a weapon was moved—or stolen—an alarm would alert the owner’s mobile phone. The owner would have the option to remotely disable the weapon from being fired.

But gun rights advocates, like the National Rifle Association, say smart guns could limit Second Amendment rights. “NRA recognizes that the ‘smart guns’ issue clearly has the potential to mesh with the anti-gunner’s agenda, opening the door to a ban on all guns that do not possess the government-required technology,” the group said. Marketing to the police and military would avoid this potential controversy.

Listing image by Yardarm Technologies

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3D printer for creating untraceable AR-15 rifles hits market


Published time: October 03, 2014 03:21

Defense Distributed has offered a pre-sale of its new milling machine which allows buyers to print and assemble a steel AR-15 rifle in the comfort of their own home. The weapon is completely untraceable.

Ghost Gunner is the company’s new computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) milling machine. Unlike its so-called Liberator gun, which is a plastic gun design to be created via a 3D printer, the Ghost Gunner is the PC-connected hardware for manufacturing the lower receiver of the popular AR-15 rifle.

The receiver is the control part of a firearm which houses the operating parts and serves as the frame of the gun. Without it, the weapon is inoperable. It is also where the manufacturer places the serial number, which is required by law.

The US does allow for creating a firearm from parts or kits, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which states: “[An] unlicensed individual may make a ‘firearm’ as defined in the GCA for his own personal use, but not for sale or distribution.”

As a way to get around that law, manufacturers can make a semi-finished lower receiver that “isn’t technically a gun, but gets as close to the line as possible,” Ars Technica reported. The metal piece is usually 80 percent finished, and can be purchased from a variety of companies. The Ghost Gunner machine will finish the lower receiver, and then customers can purchase the rest of the AR-15 parts online, without being subjected to waiting periods or background checks.

The company’s co-founder, Cody Wilson, is a self-described anarchist. He told Wired that he wants to make the process of avoiding government weapons regulations easier and more accessible than ever before.

“Typically this has been the realm of gunsmiths, not the casual user. This is where digital manufacturing, the maker movement, changes things,” he said. “We developed something that’s very cheap, that makes traditional gunsmithing affordable. You can do it at home.”

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VIDEO — Cody Wilson: Modern Democracy is Derailed Train, Retrograde Abuses of Liberty

Activist Post
Sept 16, 2014

RT talks to Cody Wilson, the creator of the 3D-printed firearm dubbed “The Liberator”.

When asked why he supports decentralized power after all the “progress” society has made from tribal societies to federal power, Wilson responds:

I’m seeing nothing but, from my perspective, a train in perpetual derailment, retrograde abuses of liberties, in that there is no concept the real human rights. It’s just something we use to go like bomb Iraq, or take over a country or assert our economic dominance. I’m seeing a slide toward barbarism, not toward civilization that you’re there you’re implying. I’m doing everything I can to maintain a distance that separates us and keep our humanity as individuals.

VIDEO — Why Good People Should Be Armed

Josie Outlaw
Dec 1, 2013

VIDEO — The Moncton Shooter – Cui Bono?

Press For Truth
June 5, 2014

The question we must always ask is who benefits? What will the ramifications be of this horrific tragedy and how can we ensure that the phoenix which rises from the ashes will not result in more tyrannical control?

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VIDEO — Do We Need MORE Gun Control? McGrath on PressTV

Charlie Mcgrath
May 6, 2014

Did you know gun violence is down 49%? Most don’t as the MSM does not want to tell you the truth.

The Aftermath of Melvin Highrise Stabbings and the Surprising Twist of Lethal Force Tactics — video included

by Frankie Gotz
Canadian Awareness Network
Mar 11, 2014


A total of four people were stabbed.  Three people in their late thirties, possibly early forties and one elderly lady who was in her sixties.  But what hasn’t been disclosed is the rest of the story.  This madman successfully stabbed four people but he tried to stab a lot of others.  The madman’s name is Kevin Richards, age 27, who has a history of mental illness.  His mental  illness he had or has is unknown.

From my investigation the following is what happened. (This might not be in chronological order of how it really went down)  It started on the 12th floor were  this madman physically assaulted a man on that floor by trying to stab him and punched him. Kevin is a tenant of the building and he punched his roommate .  After he tried to kill his roommate , the madman grabbed a knife and started running through the building up and down the stair cases.

Kevin ran down to the 8th floor where he stabbed a man in the neck at his front door. The man that got stabbed  made his way into the stair case hoping the madman would chase him but instead Kevin forced his way into the apartment and stabbed a sixty year old lady in the neck in her own living room, this lady was the mother of the man who just got stabbed. After Kevin stabbed the old lady he ran out the front door and chased her son down the staircase.  The old lady courageously followed and chased the madman down the stairs hoping that she can help defend her son.  By that time her son was bleeding pretty bad and entered the 4th floor from the stair case.  He went down the hall to to get the other stair case located on the other side of the building and ran down the remaining flights of stairs where he opened the door to go outside and  went to Go Go Pizza.

DSCN0607He chased two 15 year old girls with the knife trying to stab them but both of them managed to get away on the 10th floor.  The time of when he chased the girls is unknown , whether if it was before or after the stabbing of man and his elderly mother is unknown but it most likely could’ve happened before the 8th floor incident.

After Kevin stabbed the two victims on the 8th floor, he made his way into an apartment on the 1st floor.  In the apartment there was two parents, a child and a dog.  Kevin began to stab the mother by attempting to stab her in the neck and face but she put her hands up and got her hands cut up. There was a little girl the age of nine sleeping in her room. The madman furiously started looking around the apartment to stab more victims and went and checked the bathroom.  Thank God he did not hurt the little girl.   After he opened the bathroom door the father came out of another room and Kevin attacked him by stabbing the father in the neck and head.  The madman also decided to stab the little girls dog.

After that Kevin forced his way into another apartment on the 1st floor where he started looking through their kitchen to obtain more knives. The courageous resident somehow subdued him and literally threw him off of the balcony.  There are other stories also floating around that Kevin didn’t get thrown but he jumped.

Kevin got back up on his feet, hopped the fence in the front parking lot and tried to break into Go Go Pizza and also tried to break into some tenant’s apartment above Go Go Pizza.  After being unsuccessful in the break and enter attempt he then  jumped off the second story balcony and sprained his ankle and continued to perpetuate his rampage.

Police later shot Kevin with rubber bullets, tazered him and took him into custody on a stretcher.  The surprising twist is how the police utilized their less lethal force tactics on a psycho killer but decided to use brutal deadly force on people who were no where near as a threat like this madman.

Kevin Richards has been arrested but still hasn’t been charged as of today (March 10th).  His roommate informed me that he has been informed that Kevin will not be around society life for at least ten years.

His roommate made mention that Kevin was acting strange a month before the incident by not “grooming himself” and keeping good hygiene.  The roommate believes that Kevin might be schizophrenic, a mental illness in which the person hears voices in their head that is not is theirs, but that is just the opinion of the roommate and not diagnosed by a doctor.


America’s decent into feudalism in 10 easy steps

Feb 8, 2014

By Dave Hodges

Who Owns You?

(INTELLIHUB) – Who owns your life? Who retains the fundamental authority over your resources, speech and even thought processes? Prior to reading American Feudalism in Ten Easy Steps, I strongly suggest viewing the following four minute video which raises the question of who owns you?

Whatever Happened to the Consent of the Governed?

The founding fathers notion that our elected leaders only expressed power so long as they had the consent of the governed, has seen its day and the notion is as dead as a doornail.

Today, Americans are subjects, not citizens. We are enslaved, not free. The authority of the elite, as expressed through the collective power of the government , constitutes the sovereign authority in this country. The People, are no longer sovereign.

When one steps back and looks at the brilliant strategy being used to enslave us as concocted by the global elite, one can only marvel at their cleverness. The subjects of this country are being turned into feudal slaves in ten easy steps.


Illinois proposes ‘legalizing’ medical marijuana as long as patients surrender Second Amendment rights

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
Natural News

Jan 25, 2014

(NaturalNews) Lawmakers from the state of Illinois have proposed new medical marijuana rules that coerce patients to surrender their Second Amendment right in the application process.

The new medical marijuana “legalization” bill requires Illinois citizens to undergo a background check, be fingerprinted and pay an additional $150 fine for using marijuana for medical purposes.

On top of that and most disturbing of all, Illinois citizens will also be required to sign away their right to own a firearm in the application process.

Personal liberty and responsibility has become a dead idea in the state of Illinois, as the right to bear arms becomes a perishable right dictated through laws regulating strict control of a plant.

Illinois forcing citizens to give up their guns if they want medical pot

Under the new rules, people who want to treat themselves with something other than dangerous pharmaceutical drugs will be required to give up their guns in the process.

Both caregivers and patients will be required to surrender their firearms, and any state-approved FOID cards or concealed carry permits. According to the proposal, state police will be in charge of enforcing the gun control sanctions.

Moreover, the Department of Agriculture will be enlisted to develop rules for cultivation centers, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will be employed to draw up rules for dispensaries. More power to the state!

The plan also dictates the reasons for which caregivers can prescribe cannabis, outlining 41 specific medical conditions that pre-qualify patients to seek a patient registry medical marijuana ID card. The ID card will permit approved patients access to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every two weeks, to be administered by a certified caregiver.

Isn’t it strange how the state limits the potential of a plant but turns a blind eye toward the mass distribution, destruction, and death coming from many pharmaceutical drugs?

Regulations like these encourage continual, exaggerated health complaints

Additional rules require that patients be at least 18 years old and have a “bona fide” relationship with their caregiver. The caregiver will be required to certify a patient’s medical condition. This may inevitably encourage many people to exaggerate their medical condition while caregivers overprescribe just so users can get a recreational high. This will weaken entire defenseless generations who have given up their Second Amendment right just to get high. Regulations like these will make users more likely to mentally fabricate and overstate their “medical condition” just to “legally” obtain pot.


One student critically injured in Colorado school shooting, gunman dead

Published time: December 13, 2013 20:01
Edited time: December 14, 2013 09:13


In this framegrab taken from video by KCNC television news in Denver, students of Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, line up to be checked by police at a running track on December 13, 2013 after a shooting at the school. (AFP Photo / KCNC)

A student opened fire at a high school in Centennial, Colorado, critically injuring a classmate before apparently taking his own life. The school is located down the road from the Aurora movie theater where a gunman went on a shooting spree in 2012.

The victim of Friday’s shooting is a 15-year-old girl, who remains in hospital after surgery. Another female student was thought to be injured as well, but was actually spattered with the victim’s blood.

The shooting was reportedly triggered by a grudge towards a member of staff over a demotion in a debate team.

The Denver Post reported that a shooting had occurred at Arapahoe High School around 1:00 p.m. local time. One hour later, it was announced during a press briefing on the scene that the suspect had been found dead inside the school, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Authorities reported evidence of two Molotov cocktail at the scene. Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson told reporters that investigators were working on examining the device, and had found remnants of the two devices, one of which was apparently detonated. They believe that the gunman came armed with a shotgun.

Students heard multiple shots coming from the cafeteria around lunchtime, Post reporter Ryan Parker tweeted from outside the school, just moments after the incident unfolded.



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