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MUST READ — Stop The Religion Of The Fed

by Clint Richardson
Oct 27, 2014

I remember many years ago when I sent an email to James Corbett at the Corbett Report in Japan asking him for advice on how… well, how to become more like himself! I had respect and still do for Mr. Corbett’s apparently open-mindedness and willingness to report independently the news around the world despite what the popular opinion might be. His emailed response was in hind sight a perfectly reasonable and genuine one, short and to the point, which was to advise me to simply keep on doing what I was currently doing.

And I did…

Today, in appreciation of that advice, I wish to respectfully and publicly criticize Mr. Corbett’s grammar, logic, and rhetoric when it comes to the Federal Reserve System. Logic of course is simply another word for dialectic, and apparently the common but fallacious dialectic that the Fed is a completely private banking system separate from government is prominent in James’s grammar. This is of course understandable to an extent, considering that this appeal to popular opinion permeates the alternative consciousness while amazingly not a shred of evidence supports it. And without doing the proper due diligence, pain, and suffering of countless hours of research and contemplation, it would be much easier to just go with the flow and call the Fed the enemy, while submitting to the notion that the poor little legislature has no power whatsoever over the actions of the Fed…

I can certainly attest to this notion of the power of popular belief, for when I began showing on my blog and speaking out about the primary sources that state that the Fed was certainly in no way separated from the government or completely “private” in the way that was being portrayed, I was personally attacked for my efforts. Not with fact, but with fallacious rhetoric.

But, as James suggested, I should simply keep doing what I was doing. And so I tarried through the ad hominem attacks and kept on researching and writing.

I then came out against the false Libertarian hero of the alternative media and movement, Dr. Ron Paul, showing again through only primary sources that this false prophet was not to be trusted. I went through Paul’s “End The Fed Bill” as well as his so-called “Audit The Fed Bill” and showed them to be complete frauds and completely against the rhetoric of the End the Fed crowd in that, quite logically, (1) If government (congress) can vote to end the Fed, then logically the Fed necessarily must be a part of the government, which of course created it in the first place. And (2) the audit the fed bill does nothing to actually create a new audit of the Fed or to reveal anything that can’t already be found in the CAFR audit. For the bill only modifies one of the current audits – the audits that supposedly don’t exist in the first place. This was getting ridiculous!

And so I attempted to present these facts by asking why everyone is fallaciously yelling “Audit The Fed” when it is already audited, even while that this fact is clearly stated within Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill and showing that all these audits are accessible on the Fed’s own website. More attacks!

Next, I attempted to ask Ron Paul why he never talked about the actual auditing system of government, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) system, for which the Federal Reserve was required to fulfill its obligation to. I blogged that Ron Paul “fans” need to tell Mr. Paul to not only talk openly about the CAFR (complete audit) of the Fed but to post it on his website so that his “fans” can see that the Fed is already audited and has been since its inception.

And my demands fell on deaf ears…

Instead, I received more fallacious ad hominem attacks, still insisting that the Fed is not audited, that it is completely independent with no strings attached, and that Ron Paul was somehow the savior Christ incarnate.

I quickly figured out that I wasn’t simply up against sheer ignorance, I was up against an institution of purposefully prescribed ignorance, complete with T-shirts, bumper stickers, talking points, sales and marketing tools, and of course Ron Paul’s book sales and propaganda team. For it was much easier to blame the Fed than to admit to ourselves that we have allowed our government to become a monopoly – government as banker extraordinaire – and that men like Ron Paul are a part of that syndicate. The truther/patriot mentality would not allow proper grammar into the fold, and therefore the illogical dialectic had evolved into a sheer propaganda nightmare of epic proportions.

Yet all this time the real audit of the Fed laid in wait for its chance in the sun… and still does.

And that seems to be where it lays today, as easily accessible as ever and just a click away from realization – 500 pages of shear fact that dispels every single patriot myth alive today. But those who deal in disinformation have built an empire upon keeping the facts hidden in lieu of fallacy, and so the T-shirt and book sales keep on truckin’ while the entire world economy suffers due to a government agency that pretends to be non-governmental with the blessings of government.



VIDEO — Putin Threatens to Reveal Bombshell 9/11 Evidence?

Feb 11, 2015

Is Vladimir Putin about to unleash bombshell satellite imagery that reveals the U.S. government’s role in carrying out the 9/11 attacks as punishment for the White House’s role in supporting Kiev and encircling Russia?


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VIDEO — NATO Using Fake Viral Syrian Hero Boy Video To Invade Syria

We Are Change
Nov 15, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about a fake viral video that was produced by a NATO country to be used as propaganda.


Infowars’ ‘Common Core’ Sex Ed. Story DEBUNKED. Reverse Image Search strikes again! — video included

Sheila Aliens
Sept 15, 2014


[NSFW I guess, considering the words being used in the article and I cuss a bit naturally.]

[…CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE and see the screenshot of the Infowars article]

VIDEO — MH17 engines wrong size for Boeing 777 it is ?

Jul 20, 2014

‘Fake’: Russian Defence Min rebuffs US sat image claims

Friends of Syria
Jul 30, 2014


Russia’s Defense Ministry has stated that “fake” satellite images of alleged shelling of Ukraine from Russian territory were created by US counselors “with close links to Ukraine’s Security Council.”

The authenticity of the images is impossible to prove, the ministry added.

The Defense Ministry stated that the images posted by the US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt on his Twitter account, allegedly proving the shelling of Ukraine from Russian territory, are “fake,” ITAR-TASS reports.

“These materials were posted to Twitter not by accident, as their authenticity is impossible to prove – due to the absence of the attribution to the exact area, and an extremely low resolution. Let alone using them as ‘photographic evidence’,” Igor Konashenkov, the official representative of the ministry, stated.

“Pictures” like this, the general continued, “have also been provided by Kiev representatives as an excuse for the usage of heavy artillery and other weaponry by the Ukrainian army – against the country’s civilian population.”

“Last Friday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Valery Geletey again tried to add a sensational side to photo collages like this in the Ukrainian media – in vain. But on Sunday, the US ambassador to the Ukraine joined in, posting those satellite images on his Twitter page, which secured him the attention of the loyal Ukrainian media,” the Russian ministry said.

This scheme is called “an informational merry-go-round,” Konashenkov added, using an expression commonly uttered in Russia relating to feeding the information to the media.

“It’s no secret to anyone that fakes like this are made by a group of US counselors staying in the Kiev building of the Security Council, led by General Randy Kee,” he noted.

The general outlined the cycle as follows: the US counselors in the Kiev feed the disinformation to the Ukrainian media, with the news being taken by the Washington official representatives and presented as statements.

Afterwards, the Ukrainian media cite the US authorities and publish articles like as “objective.”


VIDEO — Crisis actress appears 3 different times; 1 Sandy Hook 2 Boston Bombing 3 Police Chase

Jennifer Sanchez
Jul 20, 2014

Not my video, but important nonetheless.

VIDEO — Busted! Kiev’s Video Implicating Russia Posted to Youtube BEFORE Plane Was Shot Down

Activist Post
Jul 18, 2014


VIDEO — Pilot Forgets to Turn Off Chemtrails! (Debunked)

Apr 29, 2014

Another viral YouTube video purporting to show a pilot forgetting to turn off chemtrails as a plane comes in to land is another example of how baseless conspiracy theories distract from genuine issues and cover-ups.


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MUST SEE — 7/24/2013 — Dr. Nick Begich corrects the false ARRL article — HAARP has NOT shut down

July 24, 2013

Many thanks to Dr. Nick Begich for doing the hard investigative work — thanks for correcting these false rumors that “HAARP has shut down”.

We have fully debunked the ARRL anonymously authored fake report that HAARP is “abandoned”.  We posted the budgets for 2013 and 2014 (Airforce and DARPA) .  We posted the EXPERIMENT SCHEDULE for 2013 and 2014 (DoD and US Airforce).  We even posted the diesel generator information, proving the ARRL author doesn’t even know how HAARP is powered.


Again, many thanks to Dr. Begich for shedding light on this situation, and for stopping this rumor dead in its tracks.


Be sure to go directly to the site Dr. Begich manages.  His site, Earthpulse, is a great source of information.  Personally, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Begich, his work is unparallelled.

If you haven’t already purchased copies of his famous books on HAARP — here is a link to check out the different editions:


MUST SEE — 7/21/2013 — HOAX “HAARP is shutdown” story being repeated across Media

July 21, 2013

video update here:


ANOTHER false “HAARP closed” story has resurfaced.

July 15, 2013 — the ARRL (amateur radio site) put out an article saying HAARP has closed due to “budget” issues, and not meeting “clean air act” standards due to “diesel generators”.

Here is the false story from the ARRL :


arrl bunk 1


Notice, the above article is written by an anonymous person (no name listed).

The false ARRL article also claims that HAARP shut down in May !

Where have we heard that before?   Someone else actually started THAT false story back on May 8, 2013 — the false story was started by Suspicious0bservers — whole story on that here:


bunk haarp decommission

haarp decommissioned 2013 lol


So, we have the ARRL article referencing the original bogus report by Suspicious0bservers from May, in addition to the false May shutdown information, adding in BS about Diesel Generators / Clean Air Act, saying that the base is ABANDONED (lol @ that)… saying there is no money as well.

There are, FOR SURE, budgets extending to the end of 2014 .. from the US Airforce, and DARPA as well.  Disproving the ARRL articles claims about money.

budgets here:


haarp 2014 budget

airforce 2014 budget


The main crux of the article is about FINANCES — saying no funding is available — thus the shutdown.  This is now debunked by the above actual appropriations for the next 1 1/2 years.

Moving on… there is another glaring inaccuracy (lie) in the article.

The article supposedly quotes Dr. Keenan (director of HAARP) saying that “diesel generators” don’t meet the “Clean Air Act”, and listing that as ANOTHER cause of the shutdown.

One problem with that… there is only ONE diesel generator at the HAARP facility (not several as the ARRL article falsely claims).  The single large diesel generator is inside the building, and for sure meets all air standards. Proving again, the ARRL article false.

Diesel Generator info here:


quote the .gov pdf file:

“Specifically, the noise generated by the on-site diesel power plant driving the HAARP antenna array was investigated in this study. This power plant consists of a single diesel engine driving a generator inside the main HAARP facility building, with the cooling and exhaust mounted on opposite sides of the building.”


To add insult to injury, this bogus ARRL article was then picked up by TheWeatherSpace, who added the “private contractor” portion of the lie to the whole mess , saying HAARP is not closed, but sold off :


Then finally, to seal the deal on a giant cluster of a situation, we saw Coast to Coast AM / Nick Begich REPEAT the false story, and the WeatherSpace additional bunk about private contractors :

Summed up… Coast to Coast / Nick Begich repeated a combination of the false story by the ARRL mixed with a bit of the other false story from theweatherspace / kevin martin, which was itself a regurgitated version of the ORIGINAL false suspicious0bservers story.

In reality, HAARP is still active, and the only thing turned off is the website.

[related video: MUST SEE — 7/24/2013 — Dr. Nick Begich corrects the false ARRL article — HAARP has NOT shut down]

[related article: 7/23/2013 — The Hoax Continues — Infowars repeats the false “HAARP shutdown” story]