VIDEOS + AUDIO — Eugenics, Transgenics and Morgellons

November 19, 2011

“Eugenics” is not a word you often hear in your local TV news, but it was on tonight, as an elderly man was interviewed after coming out of the closet as being one of thousands who in the 20s and 30s were sterilized against their will while part of CPS in the state-run foster care system. The aired piece goes on to say that Hitler got his idea for eugenics from the California state-run system of forced sterilization in attempts to weed undesirable elements out of the gene pool. They were careful to mention that eugenics was “discredited”.

In the end, when all is said and done, after the depopulation, after Agenda 21, after the next Great War, the tribulation, the bioweapons and the manmade earth changes, it’s all about eugenics.

It is eugenics you see which gives rise to the desire to depopulate, to cull the human herd, and spare the few which are “desired”.

But there’s more.

Now we have transgenics, transhumanism, eugenics on steroids. This is way beyond just weeding out undesirable dna from the human gene pool. This now involves hybridizing the human gene pool with ET dna and artificially manufactured dna. No this is not science fiction, this is reality, this is today, this is what is happening whether you like it or not.

The morgellons condition arising from “unknown” organisms related to the polymer nano-fibers as part of the aerosol spraying program are very much a part of this new transgenics. We are being re-wired from the inside, and are only just beginning to discover what the rewiring is about: first and foremost it is the chipping of all living things, from the inside. Nanofibers and other nanopolymers are self-assembling into intelligent transciever arrays with apparent video lenses and audio pickups. Again, this is not science fiction, this is what is documented as of today. Photographic proof. I am not making this up.

I wish I were.





Mark Darrah’s electron microscope photos

Morgellons Research and Discussion Board

Remember the “red rain” as the last season of “V” closed out for the year? Remember the discussion of predictive programming?

I do.

A sad reality: it appears one or two lesions which have appeared on my leg and torso seem to match the lesions shown in the Jan Smith site, so I am guessing that I myself am beginning to manifest outward signs of the Morgellons condition.  I bought myself a microscope and will be observing samples shortly, and if I can take any pictures I will post what I find.

Run your own tests:

[Potent News editor’s note: UPDATE: MUST HEAR — Morgellons Red Wine Test ******** Stop and Listen Before You Try This Test!!!!!!!!!]

1. The Hairbrush Test for Morgellons Disease

2.  Morgellons Wine Peroxide Test

3.  Rinse your mouth with antiseptic then rinse with red wine and spit into a petri dish.  Cover and wait a few days.  Watch the fibers grow.

4.  Remove all electronic devices from your person.  Get an oscilloscope.  Ground one lead and hold the other and watch the signals emanating from your body.  If there are any, something is up, because the human body does NOT emanate signals that can be registered by an oscilloscope.

“A Morgellons friend who is highly skilled in electronics sent me these two oscilloscopes photos. The readings are from him and another Morgellons sufferer. They held one lead in each hand. One lead was a grounded neutral and one lead to the scope. Several different oscilloscopes were used to insure accuracy. Under normal circumstances people do not register signals on an oscilloscope. Tests were taken inside a Faraday cage the signal is coming from us. It is satellite frequency. I have to wonder who has the receiver.”

Recent Rense Morgellons Radio Specials:

Rense Radio Program MORGELLONS SPECIAL No. 26

Jan Smith

The Evil Faces of Morgellons

(MP3 Audio File) accompanies paper “Racing Down The Road to Transhumanism”

Click “HERE

 MORGELLONS SPECIAL No. 21Cliff Mickelson/Gwen SimmonsWhat Happened To CDC Morgellon’s Investigation?

MP3 Audio File

Carnicom On Morgellon’s Morgellon’s Research MP3 Audio File
MORGELLONS SPECIAL No. 19Carnicom On Morgellon’sMorgellon’s Update MP3 Audio File

VIDEO Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease

(hat tip: stienster.blogspot.com)


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