Agenda 21, Your Sewage and You

By Kim M
The Intel Hub

December 30, 2011

Apparently the little, podunky town of Cambria, California isn’t the only one with sewage problems?

In an article titled, “US cities struggle to control sewer overflows,” the Associated Press (AP) recently reported that:

“Thousands of overflows from sewage systems that collect storm water and wastewater are believed to occur each year… Since the late 1990s the Environmental Protection Agency or state officials have reached legal agreements with more than 40 cities or counties… to improve wastewater systems that in some cases are a century old.”

Indeed, a scan through recent headlines reveals:

Daytona Beach facing sewage problems

October 23, 2011: Daytona Beach News-Journal says that their sewage system has “become a concern for city officials who say the city’s pumps and underground piping system that handle waste are getting overloaded when six-figure crowds jam into Daytona International Speedway and businesses near the track…. If nothing is done, not only could toilets overflow, but future expansion in a key area of the city could come to a halt.”

Sewage problems plague Walker woman

December 2, 2011: WAFB ran a story about a woman in Walker, Louisiana who’s “had problems with her sewage three times, even having to renovate her home because of back flow…. ‘Sewage started coming up the toilets, through bathtub and couldn’t stop it,’ [Alicia Cheplick] said.”

State Probes Willard Sewage Problems

December 2, 2011: KOAT7 reports that residents in Willard, New Mexico “have been dealing with faulty septic lines for the past decade, and now sewage is bubbling over in homes and yards.”

And, in almost a comedy of errors, the San Luis Obispo Tribune just reported that Cambria’s 10,000-gallon sewage spill was due to a circuit breaker blowing, some pumps being underwater, the main gate not opening, the emergency generator not coming on and the alarm system’s backup battery being dead. Ba-dum-bump.

And those are just some of the recent problems.

But, never fear, the federal government is here with “green infrastructure” mandates. You may have missed it, but the AP article casually mentioned that the EPA is striking deals with cities and counties across the nation to “improve wastewater systems.”

And how did the EPA get the authority to make “legal agreements” directly with municipalities?

Good question. I’m still trying to figure that one out myself… Sounds like a case of federal encroachment on states’ rights to me? But I digress.

What I have been able to discern, however, is that the 1972 Clean Water Act allowed the federal EPA to authorize state EPAs to issue permits to municipalities discharging pollutants into bodies of water. Yup. You heard that right: Permission to pollute (to certain standards, of course).

The ’72 act also introduced a financing program (in the form of grants) for the construction of sewage treatment plants… Which may be the exact point at which the federal government began reaching its grubby hands directly into the sewage affairs of every participating city and county? (Because you know that wherever there’s federal money, there’s federal strings attached.)

Enter the so-called “green agenda” (aka Agenda 21) and a gaggle of agencies, programs, mumbo jumbo and a bunch of other things you’ve never heard of.

Long story short, in 1992 President Bush Sr. signed onto a grandiose United Nations [UN] environmental program called Agenda 21.

In 2007, President Bush Jr. signed an Executive Order (13423) which gave the thing teeth…

And, this year (2011), President Obama signed Executive Order 13575, which gave it claws.

Oh, they just want to regulate everything you do from stem to stern and mostly stern.

And, if you don’t believe it, just check out the FedCenter’s page on “Sustainability…” Agenda 21 is mentioned a total of five times. (Press: Control+F. Type: Agenda 21. And, if you have Firefox, click: “Highlight all” and scroll down the page to read it and weep.) How’s that for hiding it in plain sight?

So much for top-down control.

Make way for down-out control.

That is, to make sure everything trickles down OK, the UN also created an agency called ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) to make sure that Agenda 21 gets implemented on the local level.

Call it “greasing the skids,” if you will.

But let’s hear Mary Pattenden, ICLEI Director of Development, tell it in her own words:

“In 1992, world leaders gathered in Brazil at the United Nations Earth Summit and adopted Agenda 21, a global action plan for sustainable development. They also called on local authorities in each country to undertake a consultative process with their residents to establish a local version of Agenda 21 for their communities. Since then, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives has been working with local governments to develop methodologies and tools for Local Agenda 21 planning.”

She said it so nicely, didn’t she? So slick (as snot), it could fly right past you. ‘Cause what she really meant by “local governments” was: Your Town. Your City. Your County.

Plain English version: Your local bureaucrats sign onto ICLEI (without even telling you) and they (without anyone even twisting their arms) implement Agenda 21 (without even questioning).

How’s that for bypassing the normal democratic process?

Why bother with passing pesky laws which pesky people might object to, when you can get boots on the ground to just DO whatever you want them to do?

Btw, this is why you see the exact same initiatives being implemented across the globe at the exact same time. It’s not a coincidence. The UN is running the whole she-bang.

And now you’re probably wondering why you should even give a sh*t?

Because the UN cares about your sh*t. They care a really, really lot. They care so much they wrote a “Section II” of the Agenda 21 agenda called “Environmentally Sound Management of Solid Wastes and Sewage-Related Issues.”

You will note that it is written like law. Frighteningly similar.

And why not?

Because if the UN can get everyone in the world to abide by their lengthy list of rules and regulations (which they already are; while you were sleeping), then they become DE FACTO law. And if Agenda 21 becomes de facto law, then guess who becomes de facto government?

Because you can’t have a body of law (Agenda 21) without a governing body (the UN) and a body to govern (you).

And you thought you didn’t give a sh*t about the UN.


US cities struggle to control sewer overflows

Daytona Beach facing sewage problems

Sewage problems plague Walker woman

State Probes Willard Sewage Problems

Cambria sewage plant getting fixed after spill

FedCenter.gov Sustainability page

Global Implementation of Local Agenda 21

Agenda 21: Environmentally Sound Management of Solid Wastes & Sewage-Related Issues


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