Increased Military Traffic Seen Across North America – Potent News Blast [video]

By Amir Alwani
Potent News
January 21, 2012

[UPDATE #4: Global Research sheds some light on what the traffic I witnessed might have been related to, the upcoming “Arctic Ram” exercise.]

[UPDATE #3: Alex Thomas of The Intel Hub added 2 excellent videos and some words which I’ll also include at the bottom of this article.]

[UPDATE #2:  I’ve just received word from a reliable source that 6 tanks (that is, 2 on one transport vehicle and 4 on another transport vehicle) were also seen being transported west on the Queensway (Trans-Canada Highway) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 19th 12th, 2012.  The source said that she had lived in Ottawa for 20 years and had never witnessed anything like that before.]

[UPDATE #1: Someone asked me exactly where I witnessed this so I’ve now added pictures I took from Google maps to clear things up.]


Yesterday morning (January 20th, 2012), around 4AM I stumbled upon 20-30 tanks on train cars here in Halifax, Canada (at a train stop beside Fairview Cemetery).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me at the time and when I came back to film no more than 15 hours later, the tanks had apparently already been transported away.

Here is a video of the location where I saw the tanks, as well as some commentary by me:

A couple months ago my girlfriend’s co-worker had told her that she also witnessed a similar scene.

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The same day I spotted tanks, someone else apparently filmed the following video in Watsonville, CA, US:

Video Description:

I filmed this on Thursday January 19th after a dozen or so train cars went by on a stretch of track south of Santa Cruz California. It was heading southeast through Watsonville. Cause for alarm or just old tanks being shipped from one base to the other? Real or fake?


This video was filmed in Hayward California:

This video was filmed in Castroville California:

The fact that the military equipment filmed above is covered in woodland camo confirms that they are NOT set to be used in the Middle East.

Amir Alwani is a psychonaut who makes metal, electronic and hip-hop music.  He is also the founder and editor of the online independent media outlet known as Potent News.

This article was edited and updated by Alex Thomas of The Intel Hub.

11 responses

  1. Down here in the South I have been hearing and seeing alot of fighter plane activity.. There is a major AFB near where I live but rarely do I see them in the air. That changed about two months ago and seems to have increased in the past two weeks. I have also noticed attack helicopters in formation flying low over the trees as though on maneuvers. Not to mention the dozens of craft (whatever they are) continuously spraying day and night. These things have two huge round amber lights – the odd thing is I can’t make out the shape of the fuselage. The lights are so big and bright you can’t see much ..


    January 21, 2012 at 10:36 AM

  2. Cody

    Uh this wouldn’t have anything at all to do with the fact that Halifax has an armed forces base nearby? How is this possible news? You see some military hardware and suddenly there is increased miliary traffic across North America… really? How can anyone even take you seriously. Good job at removing the meta data from your pictures btw, not hard at all to figure out where you are.


    January 21, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    • manimal13

      not the only movement,ive seen at least 6 diff trains posted,loaded to the hilt,all within last 3 days.its not a tree,its a forrest


      January 24, 2012 at 7:57 AM

    • yeah but why all themilitary hardware also afganastan the war is over and it seem like a lot of hardware that hasnt been used


      August 5, 2012 at 7:57 AM

  3. Tony

    This is totally strange… I have heard numerous people stating that it is all simply being transported back from Iraq and afghan… This is most likely not correct.. if this was true then all the tanks and vehicles would be painted in desert camouflage and not in the standard homeland urban camo. and if it was coming back, somebody would have seen it arriving off ships and containers, so far.. nobody has seen this nor has anybody official given any explanation.


    January 21, 2012 at 7:43 PM

  4. Rodger

    My Father mentioned to me that tanks were brought in from Europe to Saudi Arabia for prep for desert storm.. They were all repainted into desert camo, it’s not hard to do. I know these are a lot, but they might be in the process of being moved from storage.


    January 22, 2012 at 12:40 AM

  5. The video from Watsonville, CA — Bradley armored personnel carriers and a few “Hemmets” (HEMTT, fuel tankers typically used for armored vehicle units). They appear factory fresh.

    While the Hayward video is pretty much the same stuff, these appear a bit older. Some of them have had side armor skirting removed, and I don’t recall any design options for that. The Castroville clip looks like the same train.

    For future reference, tanks usually have a flatter top deck, with a much larger turretm and wide enough to stick out on both sides of a rail car. Bradleys have a high profile sloped deck with a very small turret, more like a box for people than a tank. They seldom ship without their main gun barrel, whereas Bradleys are designed to have different weapons systems added later: anti-tank missile racks, 25mm cannon, coaxial heavy machine guns, etc.


    January 22, 2012 at 8:55 AM

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