Project Cloverleaf – Chemtrails and their Purpose [video]

YouTube – chemtrails70794
November 5, 2011

[hat tip: Aircrap.org]


One response

  1. I have alot of respect for Mr Griffin but this is much deeper than simply warfare.. this is GENOCIDE.. Destruction of all flora and fauna. I put a small plant stem under the microscope last night and was amazed/terrified (take your pick) at what I was seeing. There are the gold and blue “fibers” that I consistently pull from my body, INSIDE THE PLANT! There were also the small dark “morgie” creatures that look like some weird nano-reptilian. And all the dazzling colors I have become used to seeing in my
    morgellons research.
    This is nothing less than wholesale destruction of planet earth yet we don’t hear a freaking sound from the people. Where’s the EPA? Environmental management groups? Where are the greenies???? Grab a greenie and stick their head over a microscope and MAKE them look at what’s being done….
    It is NOT a mere coincidence that leading microbiologists have been dropping dead..

    WE are awake – thank God – GO WAKE SOMEONE ELSE UP!!!


    January 23, 2012 at 11:28 AM

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