Oslo False Flag Confirmed: Police Told To Stand Down

By Zen Gardner
Before It’s News
January 23, 2012

A snowy Utøya Sunday night, six months after the terrorist attack on Utøya and government quarter, 22 July 2011. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen (Scanpix)

Police on the way to Utøya should have been asked to pass

Police Crews from Southern Buskerud should have been told to overtake Utøya and meet up in Honefoss while shooting on Utøya happening. Half of the workforce should have refused to follow orders.

(Auto translation) Just 18 minutes after the first emergency services from Utøya were three cars with a total of eight police officers on the road from Drammen to the neighboring district to help colleagues. Along the way they were told over the police radio that they would attend the police station in Hønefoss, newspaper VG.

“I was surprised at this decision from the Northern Buskerud Police District, as it was ongoing shooting at Utøya and also possibly shooting on the mainland. Therefore we decided not to run to Hønefoss, “according to a report from one of the officials.

One of the patrols decided to follow the order and drove past Utøya and against Hønefoss, a detour of 48 kilometers, while the other two cars ignored the order and went to Storøya where they got hold of three boats that carried them over to Utøya, 21 minutes after emergency squad from Oslo was in place.  MORE

(Hat tip Zen Haven)


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