Teacher Arrested for Declining to Sit Down by Liberty County Sheriff’s [video]

YouTube – TheCopBlock
March 5, 2012

I went with my girlfriend to the DMV to renew our driver’s licenses. We got to the office, waited in line, picked up the renewal forms and filled them out. While we were waiting to go back in a lady came into the office, I offered and gave her my seat. At that point a worker from the DMV who had been outside at her car came into the office where we were, began shouting at me telling me that, “sit down.” She then informed me that the fire marshal would, “shut the place down” if I didn’t sit down. I then asked her to please show me any written guidelines, policies, or procedures that required customers of the DMV to be seated at all times. She then left the office without saying a word.

Less than a minute later another customer went in and I took their seat. I sat there for about five minutes when I was approached by four detectives who forced me outside when I began to video.

Read more at: http://copblock.org/teacher-arrested-for-declining-to-sit

[hat tip: The Front]


2 responses

  1. d julien

    Ironically, the county is named “Liberty”.


    March 9, 2012 at 12:20 PM

  2. faron capot

    Same in Canada because they carry an badge does not give them extra rights as others … hope he sues the government over this …supports the teacher … law is on his side when people question the government they try to force their values and morals on us the public …


    March 12, 2012 at 6:07 PM

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