Resolution by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) Warning Obama: Start Another Illegal War and You Will be Impeached — Ron Paul AWOL on This Issue [video]

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
March 11, 2012


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A major US media cover up of an Israeli plot to assassinate a former congressman demonstrates the influence that Tel Aviv wields in the United States.

In February, James Abourezk who represented South Dakota in the US House of Representatives from 1971 to 1973 and in the Senate from 1973 to 1979, said that he had been informed by the FBI of an Israeli plot to murder him, to which US media displayed little interest.

Press TV has interviewed Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian, in Washington about the real power behind the US; the great cost and risk to US national security of America’s unconditional support for Israel.

Press TV: When we look at the reality on the ground we see situations such as the US sanctions against Iran that the American business sector was actually against the sanctions because of being hurt themselves.

How does Washington then go against the own interests of the people of its country and then go towards something like this, implementing things such as the sanctions?

Dr. Tarpley: I would say the relevant term is Wall Street imperialist circles. In other words, the power here in the US is not located in Hollywood or in the Congress or even in the White House, but it’s rather at that point where Wall Street interfaces with the State Department, the intelligence community, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury.

We have after all, an invisible government so I think we ought to see the invisible government as a kind of banking power that is very much indifferent to commercial interests, exports and things like this. And of course they also play the game of world domination.

A couple of voices from this permanent establishment that may be relevant: We had Netanyahu here in Washington a week ago strutting with his pompous and bombastic speech – Israel has to be master of its own destiny; He’s got to be able to defend Israel by himself at any time that he wants. This is fine, but then you’re also free to bear the consequences alone.

And I think we had a week ago. Zbigniew Brzezinski – someone that I differ with very much on most things – Zbigniew Brzezinski has now joined my call for an ultimatum by Obama and by the Administration to Israel, which he discussed with Fareed Zakaria on GPS, CNN a week ago and that is to say there will be no war in the Middle East. The US will not wage war. If Israel insists on waging war… they bear the consequences; they’re on their own; aid must be cut off, no complicity by the US in such a war.

Unfortunately, we have an administration here with Obama that is so weak and so feckless that he is incapable for a combination of psychological and electoral-political reasons of making such a statement.

What Netanyahu says can also be said from here. We have to be able to assert the paramount national interests of the US, which is that there be no war. It would be a futile ruinous exercise just as we’re winding down the existing wars to be dragged into another one – it should not be allowed to happen.

Press TV: We’ve been talking about a possible attack or a war on Iran, but we are currently witnessing more attacks right now by the Israelis on the Gaza strip. And again we’re seeing the silence from the US on this issue. How do you explain this?

With the US continual silence in an issue such as this, really isn’t the US basically just shooting itself in the foot and destroying its image more and more internationally?

Dr. Tarpley: I would say yes. This is called hypocrisy; this is called double standards; this is a bankrupt foreign policy, which as you say is widely discredited.

In terms of what to do… right now we have a very interesting possibility that’s opened up in the Congress. We have a Republican Congressman from North Carolina, Walter Jones – fairly obscure backbencher, very conservative, a right winger – but he’s done something useful, he has submitted a resolution to the House of Representatives, which formally warns Obama saying, if you start any other war…

Really he (Obama) escalated Pakistan into a completely new war and he’s also attacked Libya and he’s essentially running wild in the lakes district of Africa in the area around Uganda where we have so much attention…

But the resolution says, “Obama, if you insist on an attack, you will be impeached”. Now, obviously at this point, all eyes turn to Ron Paul the member of the House of Representatives – the only one who is running for president who could really put this resolution on the map since he gets to take part in the nationwide cable television and even broadcast television debates.

So what’s going on right now is a campaign on the internet to force Ron Paul to get over whatever problem he has and come out forcefully – not with a throw away line; not with lip service – but to make the purpose of his presidential campaign from now on to get this Walter Jones resolution passed and send it on to the Senate. But of course once it’s passed the House, that’s enough, because that’s where impeachment occurs.

Ron Paul up to now seems to be more interested in his dirty deal with Romney whereby Ron Paul would give his delegates to Romney and Rand Paul might become – the son of the current candidate and currently a Senator – might become vice president on a Romney ticket.

That’s not good enough. It’s time to do something if we’re serious to ward off a catastrophic war in the Middle East.

Press TV: Our other guest Mr. Jabbour has said that more and more Americans are becoming aware. Do you believe that the American people now are becoming a lot more aware of the realities between their country and Israel? And if you think that they are becoming more aware, do you see this movement growing and being able to apply enough pressure to change that relationship?

Dr. Tarpley: Unfortunately, I would say the peace movement here in the US is pretty much dead. Obama more or less killed it. But I think we need to look at another factor. The big thing that has changed now in the Middle East is Russia is back.

One week ago today Putin won an overwhelming landslide victory as president of Russia. We can already see a much firmer tone in Russian diplomacy. Lavrov dealing with the Arab League told them directly there must be no interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

Attacking Syria is another way to start this war. You don’t have to go directly against Iran, you can attack Syria and get it started that way and this also has to be ruled out. I think the time may be ripe for President-elect Putin to assert the new presence of Russia in the Middle East with some kind of a major initiative.

The one that occurs to me is, why not call for a genuine Middle East conference and invite everybody to come and if people feel threatened let them come; if people need to be re-built after wars, let them come; if people want to stop new wars, let them come.

I think that’s one way to deal with this because Netanyahu says there must be no negotiation with Iran, which is simply crazy.


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  1. as far as i understand, impeachment is already in the works. H.Con.Res.107.IH

    Media Cover-up Of Obama Impeachment Exposed!


    March 13, 2012 at 4:18 PM

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