4/18/2012 — Earthquake Overview — EIGHT 6.0M+ earthquakes this week = watch adjacent areas [video]

April 19, 2012

watch the video here:


1 weeks worth of 5.0M and greater / western hemisphere (week up to April 18, 2012):

1 weeks worth of 5.0M and greater / eastern hemisphere (week up to April 18, 2012):


Use these links below to monitor earthquakes globally — be aware that having at least one 6.0M per day this week is a sign that the large scale movement which started this past year (2011) is still showing signs of continuing.

earthquake monitoring links:


volcano monitoring links:

The west pacific, is the obvious stand out point for activity — the other LARGE east pacific earthquakes seem to be occurring almost like a buildup or compensation for the excessive movement north of New Zealand, west of Vanutau to Sumatra.. and.. north to Japan..

Central america is responding to these hundreds of 4.0M and 5.0M in the w. pacific.. by showing the intermittent 7.0M+ borderline 8.0 magnitude earthquakes. Today (april 18 2012) we also saw volcanic plume activity at Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.

West Coast USA should be prepared for these 6.0M+ earthquakes (or greater) to occur most likely Oregon northeast towards Vancouver Island BC/Canada. Also area to watch would be central California (mono lake) south to Baja Mexico/California/Gulf of California.

North America.. be aware along the edge of the north american craton / Laurentia. This means states like Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia , W. Virginia, Pennsylvania … watch out for the potential for 5.0M+ earthquakes (or greater). This threat will continue to exist as long as the movement continues half a planet away over in the W. Pacific. The pressure put upon the north american craton is showing at the weak points.. the spots where either dormant volcanoes exist, or where human activity (such as fracking / drilling) has weakened the craton edge with shafts dug to remove oil and natural gas.

Overall .. this recent return to noticeable 6.0M+ earthquake movement is a sign that whatever is causing this unrest is not abating.


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