Has not the world been warming since the last ice age?

Daniel J Towsey
December 12, 2009

by Daniel J Towsey


So what’s all this stupidity about man made global warming causing the ice to melt and is going to flood the world.

If that were true then I believe that the world would of been covered in water long ago.

Remember this. Water expands when it freezes so it shrinks when it warms. So how is that suppose to elevate the oceans?

So they want us to believe when the ice melts and goes into the ocean the ocean will rise. Here’s
a test for you. Fill a glass with ice and then top it off with water to the brim. Wait for the ice to melt and see what happens.

Think of the glass as being planet earth.

Okay lets agree for a moment that global warming is really caused by humanity.

Here’s some thoughts for you to consider.

Presently the climate gate is telling us that the whole world and every human activity including breathing has to be carbon taxed.

So what are they planning on doing with this huge theft?

What will be different after they economically enslave the whole world?

First Carbon is a naturally occurring thing. Plant life would never exist without it and therefore we would not have oxygen.

As all green plants convert carbon to oxygen.

When’s the last time you walked into a tall dense old growth forest on a very hot day?

If you had you would of discovered that trees absorb heat and dramatically cool the earths surface.

When you wall into the darkness of a dense forest you’ll discover that it is very cool. It is natures natural air conditioner.

So why has no one talked about the destruction of all the forests?

Why doesn’t the United Nations start a world wide tree planting program to eliminate the carbon problem and why has the clear-cutting and burning of forestsnot been made a huge crime against nature and the survival of this planet?

It is known that the world has been severely deforested.

So the United Nations real remedy is to depopulate the world..

This is written in stone… Just go search “The Georgia Guidestones” and read their plan for the future and their plan to bring
the worlds population to 500,000million.

or go check out the united nations eugenics program of world depopulation called CODEX Alimentarius

please read my related article “Tap water will kill you” and read “Modern Food”

right click save as Hasn’t the world been warming since the last ice age.pdf


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