Tsunami Debris: Where’s the Coast Guard and Navy?

by Zen Gardner
Before It’s News
May 2, 2012

This is pathetic. Why isn’t this getting dealt with before this toxic trash reaches the shoreline? There are hundreds of trawlers and utility ships that could be used to prevent most of this from littering and sickening the islands and north American shores.

What’s wrong with this irresponsible world? It’s like “race for the cure”. What? How about race to raise awareness of the cause and the nutrition needed for prevention!

Damn this place is ass-backwards!


Tsunami debris floating in the Pacific

Debris from the Japan tsunami pictured floating in the Pacific. Experts say debris will start coming ashore in North America sooner than thought. Photograph: Ho New / Reuters/REUTERS

Wreckage from Japan‘s tsunami – fishing gear and furniture, footballs and ships – has swept across the Pacific far faster than expected, with thousands of tonnes projected to land on North American shores this year.

Scientists believe lighter objects such as buoys and oil drums began reaching land last November or December. The rest is spread over thousands of miles of ocean between the Midway atoll and the northern islands of Hawaii.

But there have already been some bizarre finds. This week a beachcomber in British Columbia found a moving crate containing a rusting Harley-Davidson motorcycle registered to Japan’s Miyagi prefecture, which absorbed the brunt of the tsunami. The crate also contained a set of golf clubs.  Source

Oh goodie. Let’s make this a nuclear treasure hunt.

My word.


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