F1 Held in Bahrain to Drown the Screams of the Tortured [video]

YouTube – SpotLightchannel1
May 3, 2012

The F1 motor race was held in Bahrain in order that the roar of the cars should drown the screams of those being tortured. But, as result of the continuing enterprise and bravery of the Bahraini democrats, more of the world is coming to know of the crimes of the killer-Khalifas in Bahrain. All the human rights organisations and the (London) Committee Against Torture in Bahrain are collecting the evidence and, one day, members of the Khalifia regime will end up in a criminal court and receive life sentences. This is not fantasy — at some point the Americans and the British, who are at present controlled by Zionism, will wake up to the fact that they are hated throughout the Middle East and a decision will be taken to betray the Khalifas. And if Iran is attacked, the chances of sudden change in the Middle East — including the overthrow of cruel authoritarian regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain — are much higher.

Rodney Shakespeare.

[hat tip: 108morris108]

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