Nuked Radio #26 More fallout Cops & Rads pt2 [audio]

Nuked Radio
Episode 26 air date 04.26.2012

Special guest Popeye from Federal Jack.

Same night I get bumped off air on Wide Awake News with Charlie McGrath I get hasseled by the cops…who bring up a non-existant warrant again for one of my kids. This is the 4th time in 4 months we have problems with the same department over the same bs.

People on you tube should carry a video camera at all times just for this reason, you have a right to film all interactions with the police.

4 fallout studies posted today may explain why geigers reading very high even on sunny days with no precipitating factors.

All Nuked Radio shows archived here:

Go to FukushimaFacts.com for more info

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