Secret Societies The Father The Son and The CIA and The Mossad – Sheik Imran Hosein [video]

May 17, 2012

These secretive groups also maintain links with the transcendental world along with the satanic rituals.

The Koran commands us to speak in a straight forward way both in personal relationships and in Public; be above aboard with no duplicity.

Duplicity is when there is a Peace Treaty while preparations are made for war.

Public life is now corrupt. There are formal governments in parallel with secret organizations doing dirty work.

It has become fashionable now for [state] affairs to be conducted in a duplicitous way.

The CIA and Mossad attacked America on 911 to put the blame on Arabs and Muslims.

This is what the secret societies are doing.

There is some substance to claim the followers of the Talmud are a secret society.

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