Breaking News – CNN Showing Fictitious News Once Again

Friends of Syria
July 8, 2012

Today CNN are showing films of Damascus under fire from Terrorist, claiming the fighting has been going on for 4 days now. When in fact there is no bombing or trouble of any sort in Damascus, it is all very quiet there.

It seems that it is only CNN airing this false story, the other TV Networks have not followed their lead. In fact the terrorists have not even uploaded any of their fake films on this story either, so we can only come to the conclusion that CNN are faking the evidence themselves.

We have seen this before with CNN when they blew up the gas pipeline, which was to supply heating to the Syrian people in the winter, just for a story to blame on the Syrian Government.

The first time was a year ago in Damascus at Easter when CNN showed demonstrations in   the centre on a beautiful sunny day with people flying Egyptian flags, when in fact there had been heavy rain, thunderstorms and floods. I know, because I was there that day in the rain. It is the weather that always shows these lies, because whenever there is snow or rain the terrorists cannot show their fake films. You will notice it is always quiet around these times.

It is said that Al Jazeera and Qatar have made a huge film set reproducing buildings in Syria so that they can make their own fictitious stories on the situation. The plan was to be shut down all the local stations in Syria, so that the real news cannot get out and then Al Jazeera will have free reign to show what it wants.

We have seen this starting to happen now with the destruction of one TV station and another taken off air the other day.

Get ready to see building exploding and Damascus looking like a war zone, when in reality Damascus is in peace.

It makes you wonder, when you see the USA going to this much trouble to start war, by building film sets, what have they done in the past along these lines. Seems the US are capable of anything to brainwash their people.


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