Kidnapping and shooting off duty Syrian Security Officer, by Clinton Backed Butchers [video]

Friends of Syria
July 13, 2012

Gangsters of what is called NON-Syrian Free Army kidnapped and shot armless, off duty syrian security officer. It is a free army of terrorists who master kidnapping, torturing and killing Syrian civilians, special forces, and Syrian soldiers. Syrian official Army will clean Syria from such gangsters. US and EU governments support those terrorists under the name of freedom and democracy.

Enlèvement et de tir hors service syrien agent de sécurité – la Syrie
Bandits de ce que l’on appelle NON libre syrienne armée enlèvent et shoot désactivé syrienne droit responsable de la sécurité. C’est un libre-armée de terroristes qui master enlèvement, torture et tue civils syriens, des forces spéciales, et soldats syriens.

Warning Graphic Content


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