Woman Defends Property Against Smart Meter Invasion [video included]

Activist Post
July 20, 2012

A Houston area homeowner, Thelma Taormina, was forced to defend her property and her constitutional rights when a utility worker bypassed her “No Trespassing and No Smart Meters” sign, then started a scuffle to install a Smart Meter.

Thelma and her husband demonstrate in the video below that they have educated themselves about the dangers of Smart Meters to their privacy; so much so that they have formed their own local opposition group to ban Texas Smart Meters. It has been revealed that Smart Meters have the capability to wirelessly monitor a full range of personal data, and can be equipped with an automatic shut off. (Source)

The Taorminas also allude to the mounting evidence that these meters are a major health concern, as indicated by a recent warning issued by a major physicians’ group.

Between health and privacy concerns, plus the fact that Smart Meters are an economic and environmental scam, homeowners have every right to defend against Smart Meter slavery in the strongest way possible.

If it takes exercising one’s Second Amendment to protect the Fourth from an out-of-control corporate government hellbent on imposing themselves upon free citizens of a Constitutional Republic, despite repeated verbal demands, then so be it. Thankfully, this incident did not take a turn for the worse, and at least one minion has been put on notice in the most definitive way possible to be very careful where they tread.

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