London Olympics Gets 1,200 More Troops

The Intel Hub

Press TV
July 24, 2012

The British government has decided to deploy an additional 1,200 military soldiers at the London 2012 Olympic Games amid rising concerns over the security of the Games.

With only three days to go before the Olympic Games begin in London, British ministers have decided to call up 1,200 more military troops, bringing the total military forces deployed to the 2012 Olympics to 18,200.

“Ministers decided that we should deploy the additional 1,200 troops that were put on standby last week.

On the eve of the largest peacetime event ever staged in this country, ministers are clear that we should leave nothing to chance”, said British Olympics Minister Jeremy Hunt.

The move comes shortly after British Home Secretary Theresa May authorized the call-up of 3,500 extra troops because the British private security company G4S announced it could not supply 10,400 forces for Olympics security.

British MPs have already raised concerns over “chaos” during the Olympic Games and said security preparations for the London Olympics have undermined the public’s confidence in organizers.

“The chaos which has emerged over the security contract was predictable and undermines confidence in those responsible for managing the Games”, said Labour MP Margaret Hodge, the chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee.



One response

  1. “Radiation and rockets at the London Olympics you ask? Yes, more than 7,000 tons of radioactive debris pushed just to the side to build the Olympic stadium and anti-aircraft missIes anchored on the rooftops of private London residences. War games, military and private security forces patting down the throngs at a cost of £1 billion ($1.54 billion) just for “security” alone, this is the straw which has finally broken the camel’s back for my lifetime of Olympics watching.”



    July 27, 2012 at 5:57 AM

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