‘Mysterious Force’ Blocks Car Remotes in Yonkers, NY – July 25, 2012 [video]

Sheila Aliens
July 25, 2012

http://sheilaaliens.net/?p=968 “YONKERS, N.Y. — A busy stretch of Yonkers Avenue has become a Bermuda Triangle for parked cars.

For at least six months now, business owners here say a mysterious force has been locking people with keyless remotes out of their vehicles or preventing them from starting their engines near Yonkers and Page avenues.

But the cars revive after they are pushed or towed away.

An expert hired to investigate the problem said Monday that localized radio interference is to blame for disrupting the signals sent from keyless remotes, but he still was trying to pinpoint the exact source of the signal.

“It’s not a common phenomenon,” said David Maxson, a radio-frequency communications specialist and owner of Isotrope in Medfield, Mass. “I only get a handful of these quirky types of complaints every year.”

Ronald Squiers of Enfield, Conn., said he was unable to remotely unlock his car after leaving a wake at F. Ruggiero & Sons Funeral Home in the area.

Owner Michael Ruggiero said the problem arose again July 15 when a woman making funeral arrangements for her father got locked out of her car. Weeks ago, he said his brother had to get his car towed off the lot.

“I’ve had constant complaints,” Ruggiero said.

Yonkers police Detective Lt. Patrick McCormack said the department has not received reports of electrical interference. Ruggiero said he doesn’t want to bother police with the problem.

When the problem first arose, Employees at Marden Hardware said customers assumed the batteries on their keyless remotes had died while they were in the store and bought new ones on the spot. When that didn’t work, store employees began pushing stalled vehicles down the street, out of range of the apparent interference — which did the trick.

The owner of an antenna installed on a utility pole on the affected block hired Maxson. Equipped with a high-tech spectrum analyzer, he scanned the area for an “offending signal” this month, ruling out the utility pole and antennas on one building.”

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/offbeat/articles/2012/07/24/20120724new-york-mysteri…

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