Download and Preserve: Hours of Audio from CO Police During Batman Shooting [video]

Sheila Aliens
August 3, 2012

All the juicy bits are there. I guess start with the Denver audio if thats what you’re mainly wanting to hear ? I dunno like i said i haven’t listened to most of these yet. lemme know if you hear anything interesting. If some are boring, oopsie. I just put them in audacity and skip to the parts of the audio that show a visible increase in noise level/some1 speaking

Posting this because RadioReference only archives audio for like a month or so and then it cycles out and you can only see the newer stuff, in a couple of weeks none of the audio will available any longer from it’s source so go ahead and DL the mp3s from these links, meow:


Or as one big .ZIP file, let me know if it works? http://sheilaaliens.net/Aurora072012.zip (250 MBish)

More info: http://www.sheilaaliens.net/?page_id=999
(no i did not plan that out, the page #..)

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