Sikh Temple Shooting 911 Calls [video]

August 18, 2012

A series of 911 calls that flooded Milwaukee County’s emergency services the morning of Aug. 5, 2012. One woman reports she heard gunfire and that someone was shot. Another man calls and reports “many shooting, many gunfires.” Yahoo! News

Difficult to listen to, mainly because the operator(s) were AWEFUL. Wow.

I refrained from including my own personal opinion in the title to this video, so as not to cause a big stir over opinions, but I WILL say it here – whoever that/those 911 dispatcher(s) were – they need to be FIRED. There is no excuse for the way those calls were handled – not just rude, but COMPLETELY rude during a LIFE or DEATH situation!

She knew full and well that her grumpy ass could mean the difference between somebody living or dying at that very moment, yet she still – REPEATEDLY – cut the callers off, became agitated – raised HER voice over their’s, the list goes on.

I have zero training as a 911 operator and, instinctively, I would handle such a call like this:

“There’s a shooting!!”

1. Get the person’s location/address
2. Alert police and emergency crews of the caller’s location and get them out there NOW.
3. Go back to the caller, get other crucial information, continuously relaying it back to the police and EMS over the radio simultaneously, starting with most crucial and working all the way down to just keeping the caller on the line and calm until the police arrive on scene.

NEVER raise your own voice, that is f*cking sh*t-faced ridiculous for a 911 operator to be screaming on the phone like she’s mad at her husband because SHE’s too much of a f*t b*tch to make him happy anymore. Shame. On. That/those. Bitches.

Even if it was her first DAY the average human being has far more common decency to start off with than that (or those) dispatcher did. I’m not quite sure if the bad calls were all answered by the same 911 operator, or if they just have a whole building full of evil, pissy b*tches who are power-tripping with peoples’ lives over the phone because they are miserable. Listening to these tapes angers me greatly.

Let’s not even mention that the tapes that Yahoo!/AP/mainstream media would have chosen would be the least-confusing audio soundbites that fall completely in line with the official narrative of the events that transpired, according to officials – not according to the actual victims and witnesses – who reported 4 gunmen/multiple gunmen on scene shooting people (see below).

Ah, but they let one slip by, for what it’s worth….“many shooting, many gunfires.”….

♥ Thoughts are with the victims. ♥


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