Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder May Be as Close as Your Computer Screen (press release)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Natural News

July 31, 2005

When author Richard Louv coined the phrase “nature-deficit disorder”, he was linking children’s alienation from nature to today’s pervasive epidemic of childhood obesity, attention-deficit disorder and depression. Louv believes that the root of many of these childhood maladies stems from being constantly exposed to our modern plugged-in, wired-up way of living and from never having any meaningful contact with the natural world.

But Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D., co-founder of Primal Waters and an expert in stress resiliency, argues that it’s not only children who are suffering from nature-deficit disorder, but adults as well. A recent Environmental Protection Agency study found that most adults in the United States spend 90% of their lives indoors.

What is the cure for nature-deficit disorder? The most obvious answer is simply more exposure to the beauty of the natural world. At first glance, that seems easy, but most people, especially in the United States, only take one or at the most, two short vacations a year. And for many people who live in urban environments or who are ill or otherwise incapacitated, getting out into nature is difficult at best and in some cases, impossible.

But we don’t have to fly to Hawaii or head to Jackson Hole to benefit from nature. “There is plenty of scientific research that tells us just getting outside everyday, walking in a local park or even looking out the window at our own backyards, can be immensely helpful to both our physical and psychological well-being, ” says Dr. Britt. “Many people make the mistake of believing they have to travel to an exotic locale to be in nature, when in reality, what I call ‘everyday nature’ is just outside our doors. But a lot of people don’t really see the beauty that is all around them. We haven’t been taught to appreciate nature’s details, the splendor of the slanting afternoon light on the trees or the way the grasses along the roadside move in the wind.”

So how can we learn to appreciate the natural world, to really see the beauty in everyday nature? “We need to be able to look at nature’s details in a fresh way, from a slightly different vantage point,” says Britt. ” Here at Primal Waters we were already involved in producing digital media products that help people to relax, but what we really wanted to do was to help people see ordinary nature in a whole new way. That’s why we are releasing Lessons from Water.”

Lessons from Water is a short, web-based flash movie that is completely free to view. The movie, with its beautiful natural images, soothing original music and provocative message, is carefully crafted to gently teach the viewer to see the natural world from a different perspective.

“When people watch Lessons from Water, they will not only get a relaxing and peaceful break from their day, but they will leave knowing how to truly “see,” perhaps for the first time in their lives. Even a puddle after a rain storm will take on a whole new meaning.”

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