Syrian terrorist reveals torture and murder of kidnapped women

Voltaire Network
August 22, 2012

A Syrian 22 years confessed on national television to working with armed terrorist groups in Douma, a town in the province of Damascus, and being an accomplice to the abduction, torture during interrogation and murder of women.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV, 22 year-old Sabah Othman said that she is originally from Douma and that she was married at the age of 14 and abandoned by her husband three years later.

She met a man named Ala’a Mahfoud from Harasta on the pretext that he wanted to marry her, and he introduced her to two militants from a group referring to itself as Loua’a al-Islam, linked with the Free “Syrian” Army (FSA).

The group’s leader Zahran Alloush employed the young Sabah Othman as an interrogator of the women they abducted. She explained to the cameras that her role was to beat the prisoners who refused to answer during interrogation and that she was assisted by another woman.

She also revealed that after the interrogation, members of the FSA would “slit the throats of the abducted women and dump their lifeless bodies near a slaughterhouse.”

The young Sabah Othman remembered the women she interrogated perfectly well. The first was Samira Assaf, a mother of four. Like other victims, Samira Assaf had her throat slit and was cast near a slaughterhouse where her body was eaten by stray dogs.

Othman noted that the terrorists had recorded it all on video. Dunya Omar, the second woman she interrogated, was shot in the head and her body was abandoned near a sewer. Another woman, Fadya Daher, was raped and tortured for days by the group’s leader before being murdered.

The young accomplice said that members of Loua’a al-Islam would pretend to be religious in front of people while in fact they used drugs and abducted women without showing any sign of remorse.

Sabah Othman concluded by warning other women associated with the terrorists of the danger to which they are exposed. She felt that, in addition to the cases she mentioned, many other women have been murdered to prevent them from revealing the crimes of the FSA.

Source: RT in Spanish, 21 August 2012.

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