Syria Calls for Dialog with Opposition

End the Lie – Independent News
October 2, 2012

RIA Novosti

20:41 01/10/2012 UNITED NATIONS, October 1 (RIA Novosti) – Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem on Monday called on the opposition to come to the negotiating table, adding that it was critical for neighboring countries to end their support for the opposition.

“The success of any international efforts in Syria requires – in addition to the Syrian government’s obligations – obligations from states that are supporting the [rebel] armed groups in my country,” he told the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly.

He mentioned countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Libya, which Syria accuses of supplying arms and funding, and training and sheltering “terrorist groups.”

“I am inviting the national opposition to work together to stop the Syrian bloodshed,” Moallem said.

Source: http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/news/syria/2012/syria-121001-rianovosti02.htm

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