Solar monitors are offline due the superstorm impact on US East Coast

by Chillymanjaro
The Watchers
October 30, 2012

All eyes are focused on Sandy and its epic impact on US East Coast. All of you that are focused also on space weather events, probably have noticed that there is blackout of solar observing data providers.  The SDO, SOHO, STEREO and helioviewer sites are all offline. Websites are being taken offline for immediate access during the east coast storm. Goddard Space Flight Center is in the metro DC area, which will experience significant storm impact.

However, all solar data is still being recorded. Current space weather conditions are still being monitored by the GOES spacecraft.

X-ray levels recorded by NOAA/SWPC at Boulder, Colorado are showing quiet conditions but latest few days we could see some activity. Large solar flares could be observed. However, although they looked spectacular, there were no M-class or even bigger C-class recorded on its charts.

video clip: The magnetic canopy of a sunspot group just over the sun’s southwestern limb slowly erupted on Oct. 28th.

The largest and only event recorded on October 29 was a B6 flare at 03:02 UTC from Region 1596. Regions 1601  and 1602 were numbered on October 29. No Earth-directed CMEs were detected during the reporting period.

A long duration C-class flare was observed beyond the southwest limb on Sunday morning near old region 1594 but generated plasma was not Earth-directed.

Here is a look at the current sunspots in visible light with the SDO/HMI instrument along with the EUV sun with SDO/AIA. Current SDO data can be found at http://sdowww.lmsal.com/suntoday/ and http://jsoc.stanford.edu/data/hmi/images/latest/.


A Geomagnetic Storm Watch has been issued by the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center. Minor G1 Level Storming is possible by November 1st, due the arrival of the CMEs from October 27/28.
Solar wind
speed: 276.3 km/sec
density: 1.5 protons/cm3
The Radio Sun
10.7 cm flux: 117 sfu
Interplanetary Mag. Field
Btotal3.8 nT
Bz2.4 nT south

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