In Bergamo Italy chemtrails now also being studied at school! [chemtrail video included]

by Rusty
November 7, 2012


In Bergamo Italy chemtrails now also being studied at school!

Posted by Milena Battle on November 4, 2012


Translation by Google

– Battle of Milena –

The evidence of what is going on above our heads is so obvious that the denial has no reason to exist if not for debuker wasters or hired.

The media began to spread, more and more information about the possible “good” use of geoengineering seen as miraculous tool to treat the manipulated global warming.

Obviously indoctrination, as well as the media, so that the effect is certain, it must also involve the school system. So here is the book that magically Natural Sciences of ninth grade, in particular, elements of Earth Sciences of Tarbuck and Lutgens – ed. Pearson, speaking calmly what for some is still erroneously result of conspiracy minds distore: geoengineering and, specifically, the change in climate through the emission of aerosols in the stratosphere.

The book contains verbatim:

“ An increasing number of scientists are conducting special studies to apply the current scientific and engineering at reducing the causes of climate change: this new discipline called geoengineering . […] Geoengineering is therefore proposed as a discipline able to develop ways of handling large-scale terrestrial environment, intervening artificialmnete on weather systems to try to counter the effects induced by human activities. […] To increase the Earth’s albedo and decrease the radiation scientists […] have proposed to increase the cloudiness in some regions of the globe, releasing clouds of aerosol artificial , while others have proposed to put into the atmosphere thousands of tons of sulfur , through the use of balloons: following a chain of chemical reactions, the sulfur would form tiny particles of sulfate, creating a “shield” capable of absorbing the solar radiation. “

Admittedly, if the authors had written instead that sulfur, barium and aluminum , the information would have been more correct.

Apparently then simply to return to the first class of secondary schools the great professors and scientists CICAP … who knows what a refresher on school books could finally convince them of the ongoing genocide!
For more information about geoengineering and chemtrails can view the following link: Chemtrails: ALL the answers to your questions

A special thanks to Ayoub to Know Bergamo report for a book.

German Skywatch vom 09.09.2012

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