[Revisiting – from the Archives] Dr. John Hoopes interview – “The 2012 Meme, part 3 – A Brief History” – #110 – Gnostic Media [audio]

JohnHoopes-smby Jan Irvin
Gnostic Media
December 5, 2012

This episode is an interview with Dr. John Hoopes “The 2012 Meme, part 3 – a Brief History” and is being released on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. My interview with John was recorded on April 05, 2011.

John Hoopes (last name pronounced with a “oo” as in “good,” “books,”
and “hooks”) is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Global Indigenous Nations Studies Program at the University of Kansas. He received a B.A. in Archaeology from Yale under the direction of Michael Coe and a Ph.D. in anthroplogy from Harvard under the direction of Gordon Willey. He is an authority on ancient pre- Hispanic cultures of Latin America, with an emphasis on the Isthmo- Colombian region. He teaches courses on ancient Mexico, Central America, and South America as well as courses on the history of anthropology and critical thinking as applied to pseudoarchaeology and shamanism. He is the author of over two dozen articles and has co- edited two books: The Emergence of Pottery: Technology and Innovation in Ancient Societies (Smithsonian Press, 1995) and Gold and Power in Ancient Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia (Dumbarton Oaks, 2003). His current projects include archaeological field research in eastern Costa Rica, a book about ancient Central America, and a book about the history of the 2012 phenomenon.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:20:45 — 39.9MB)


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