Exclusive Facebook Censorship Interview About Recent Account Removals [audio]

[Potent News Editor’s note: Around a month ago I had 2 weeks’ worth of my posts on the Potent News facebook page deleted (no idea why).  However, even weeks before that I had already lost the ability to send out friend requests on facebook (people can send me requests and I can accept them, but I can’t send any out myself), and at the same time I had lost the ability to like/share anything, the ability to respond to anything on any wall and also, my chatting became limited to that little chat window on the bottom right. It won’t let me send message unless I’m using that stupid small chat window.  You know the one.  At the time that they did all this and rendered me almost completely useless on facebook the excuse they gave was they said I violated their community guidelines or some crap like that, and they claimed I was “spamming” although I never spammed anyone. That said, I saw this kind of censorship coming and this is one of the reasons I avoided facebook for several years.

UPDATE from PN: It seems that no more than 24 hours after publishing the previous paragraph detailing the limitations facebook had imposed on me ALL those limitations have been lifted… I forgot to mention that when I was initially blocked from all those features they said the ban would be lifted after 30 days, however they seem to have taken almost 60 days to do that.]

By JG Vibes
December 28, 2012

 Facebook has become more and more of a problem for activists over the years, between charging for views and random account cancellations it has become increasingly difficult to get the message out through this medium.  This week Facebook suspended the accounts of hundreds of prominent activists over a “terms of service” violation that stemmed from a profile that all of these people act as administrators for.

To get to the bottom of this censorshop, Bob Tuskin conducted and interview with Justin Wallis , the creator of the “Infowar social networking group”.  In this interview some background information is given on this mass blocking and we learn of the specific post that led to this censorship.

Some activists have had their pages reinstated, while others are still suspended.  The following post was made to the facebook page, in hopes of gathering support to have those remaining pages reinstated:
“Just over 24 hrs. ago, the over 100 Admins that have run this page were all “mass blocked”
Facebook informed us it was because of an image which was posted here that they deemed “inappropriate” for their site.
In an unprecedented move, instead of blocking the poster(as was the norm up until yesterday)they blocked EVERYONE.
Please help us all to get our profiles unblocked by following the instructions below. We also request that this link be shared everywhere! Thank you all!

Instructions for lodging a complaint to Facebook on behalf of over 100 Admins of the Infowars Social Networking Coalition group:

Feedback link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/?id=354963731183415

Fill out the feedback info as follows:

-Click “negative”

-Add the link to the group: http://www.facebook.com/InfowarSocialNetworkingCoalition

-Add the feedback text:

The “negative” feedback is for you, Facebook, and not the page in question.
I am complaining to you, Facebook, on behalf of over 100 admins at the Infowars Social Networking Coalition page.
One of the admins there recently posted an image which was deemed “inappropriate” by your standards.
After this incident, you have blocked all the admins of this group(over 100) for 30 days.
They can’t post anything, anywhere. Not on their own wall, not in this group, and not on any other groups which they might admin.
We find this a bit extreme on your part, to punish over 100 people for the actions of one?
We request that all of the admins which didn’t post this image have their accounts unblocked immediately.
Thank you.

While it is impossible at this point to tell for certain how and why this went down the way it did, it seems apparent that this is a case of over sensitive algorithms and a very loose banning policy that could honestly effect anyone, especially those of you who find yourself on pages such as this.


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