Satanism, Actors and the CT shooting [video]

The Truther Girls
December 31, 2012

It has been reported now that Adam Lanza had a webpage all about devil worship. .Not only this, but the town of Newton, CT has been known to have Satanic activity. I would think that for something so evil to happen, th edevil would have to be involved in one way or another.

Another thing people are saying is that the parents and other witnesses seem insincere in their grief and must therefore be hired actors, so I have addressed this point as well as alternative explanations for their behavior. Please let me know what you think.

For the record, I do not think the whole thing was fake or that all these victims’ families were involved in a plot. Although I do suspect that there was more than a ‘lone wolf’ involved, I think a real tragedy unfolded involving a lot of innocent people and their families and my prayers go out to them. I think the devil was at work here and Adam Lanza was most likely not the only one involved, but that doesn’t mean the whole thing was fake. The whole thing just horrifies me.

Adam Lanza’s Satanic website (article):
Newton, CT, and the Church of Satan:
Newton Residents concerned about Satanic activity (1996 poll):
Police radio: extra suspects, one dressed as a nun:
Parents interviewed outside school, looking pretty calm:
Interviews with victims’ families:
Witness Gene Rosen (keeps changing his story a bit from one intervie wto the next)
Crisis Actors for hire:

Please, people, be logical. If an actor who wanted to ‘make it’ would agree to lie on national TV about being the victim of a horrible incident, then that would be the END of his career as an actor, because from then on the whole nation would recognize him as the ‘parent of the murdered child’. No actor, not even a desperate and unscrupulous one, would be dumb enough to do that.

Plus, someone who knows him in real life is bound to leak that he was lying about being a victim.

This leaves only two possibilities: either the parents/witnesses are lying (but about what?) or they have other reasons for not being in the kind of state usually associated with profound grief. They may be in shock, it may not have fully hit them yet, they might even be taking some kinds of tranquilizers or such to help them cope. It could be anything, but the idea that they are hired actors makes the least sense of all.

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  1. From what i am aware, his father was very high up in GE and due to give submission in court re the Libor scandal. I did read it on a news source somewhere and quite sure i blogged it on my blog. There is so much that doesnt add up with this shooting. The picture of the father holding the children is photoshopped. one of the girls on his legs is clearly missing hers. The Medical Examiner gave the weirdest speech i have ever heard, 2 ‘suspects’ chased in the bushes and caught. then the guns produced out of the truck but media reports on Adam. police recordings state they had 2 suspects in sight.Then we have the fact that within the first hour they had secured a warrant for the mothers house but Ryan was the suspect who lived in a total nother area. How did they score a warrant so quick for an address (the moms) the “supposed suspect” they had “dead” in custody they beleived to be Ryan not adam. So much does not add up. Then we have the case of the “crisis actors guild” and the reports that parents were forbidden to see their dead children. also. How did a town of 2000 that has NO swat team have multiple swat teams on the scene within 60 mins of the first call of “suspected gun shots”. its all just a little to “strange” for a logical thinker to grasp the total lack of connections within this case.


    January 4, 2013 at 1:25 AM

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    January 4, 2013 at 1:27 AM

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