AERIAL SPRAYING Mobilization around the Cyprus Bases

Cyprus Green Party

Our ActionChemtrails

From Giannis Ioannou

A protest demonstration at the British Akrotiri base against the aerial spraying is being organized by the Ecological Environmental Movement of Cyprus (Cyprus Green Party) for 4th July, as the British bases in Cyprus are alleged to be part of the HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), system aimed at controlling the climate of the planet. .

In recent times there has been a proliferation of information related to the activities of the British and the Americans through the bases in Cyprus, which are very likely affecting the climate on our island.

The Ecological Environmental Movement has in the past invited the Cypriot government to take action “to stop the use of the skies of Cyprus for suspicious American military experiments”. An announcement by the Movement states that “reports links American KC-10 and KC-135 aircraft with the HAARP programme and with chemtrails, that is to say spraying of the sky with aluminium and barium oxides.” The subject has occupied the European Parliament, many parliaments of European countries and researchers throughout the world.

HAARP, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme, is a weapons system using electromagnetic energy which has been under development by the United States since 1987. The initial picture of programme that was encouraged was that it is a scientific programme aimed at selective modification of the ionosphere to improve telecommunications. But it soon became known that the American Pentagon was seeking to exploit the ionosphere for its own purposes. Even the official HAARP web page acknowledges that the system is also used for defence purposes.

The bases deny involvement

The Cypriot Parliament has recently involved itself in the subject. The parliamentarian Angelos Votsis brought it up for discussion on the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment. The parliamentarian said: “according to scientific specialists, when it is perfected, if it has not already been perfected, the system will be able to influence climatic conditions, suspend the functioning of, and destroy, every electrical device in a selected area, destroy telecommunications, intervene in the development of extreme weather phenomena, such as hurricanes but also lightning strikes of tremendous intensity and even influence human mental processes through the transmission of low-frequency waves similar to those already present in humans.”

The administration of the British bases was summoned to a session of the Parliament in order to state the official position on this information, but through a letter the reply was that they will not respond to the summons because they “have no involvement with the HAARP programme and have not been involved in any aerial spraying”.

The community president of Akrotiri Georgios Christou for his part said to “Simerini” (Today) newspaper that nothing that would arouse suspicions of aerial spraying during the flight of aircraft has been noticed by the residents of the area.


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