Sandy Hook Occult Sacrifice vs. ‘Fakery’ Disinfo [video]

The Truther Girls
January 12, 2013

Everyone is latching on to the idea that nobody died at Sandy Hook and this has become one of the most discussed topics in the conspiracy theory community. From the beginning, I felt that this was not the case, that it was based on speculation without any real evidence. As more and more info emerges, I am finding that everything points to the killer (or rather, killers) having done this to perform a ritual sacrifice. The wider implication of this, in my mind, is that the ‘it was actors and it never happened’ campaign is probably even an intentional disinfo operation undertaken to confuse the public and divert attention from what most likely really did happen- which was something far more sinister.

Donation sites set up before shooting? Weird, but there could be some eplanation

elnine11 video on the connection with the Temple of the Feathered Serpent and ritual sacrifice of children (a must watch)

Aztec rituals calendar

Other pre-Columbian cultures’ rituals involving child sacrifice:

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