Ontario’s New “Sustainable” Premier

by Terry Wilson
Canadian Awareness Network
January 27, 2013

Liberal party delegates have elected Kathleen Wynne as the the next premier of Ontario. Wynne will be Ontario’s first female and openly gay premier, which marks a fantastic milestone in our province.

But not surprisingly, it does not seem that Wynne will bring much change to the table. She has stated that she will move forward with the plans for massive wind farms. (Totally ignoring the information coming in around the world about them Click Here to read more about them).

Wynne has also publicly announced her support sustainability and programs that clearly come from agenda 21 several times. Here is one example.

Statement from Minister Kathleen Wynne on Growth and Economic Development in Pickering
“”I am issuing a notice of proposed amendments to the Central Pickering Development Plan (CPDP). This provincial plan envisions a sustainable urban community in Seaton, integrated with a thriving agricultural community in the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve and an extensive Natural Heritage System.

The goals of the plan include the provision of a range of housing types and densities and high-quality employment opportunities in Seaton, as well as a viable and permanent natural eco-system, including farm land and green spaces. The plan is part of the government’s overall strategy to promote sustainable development in the 905 region.
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Despite the leap forward in equal rights. This seems to be politics as usual. Different face, Same agenda.


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