Ontario Tories Seek To Create Cashless Welfare/Disability System

by Terry Wilson
Canadian Awareness Network
January 18, 2013

The debate surrounding the Ontario Welfare system, and more specifically what the recipients are doing with the money they receive. Has been highly publicized over the years. With many politicians offering tinker box solutions, that do not seem to solve any problems there might be.

One of the main concerns of tax payers and politicians alike has been that Ontario works recipients are spending the monies on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. Instead of essential needs. Who wants to be paying for other peoples vices right?

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC’s announced a plan to overhaul the welfare system on Thursday morning.

Source: ctvnews.ca
Highlights of the 12 “paths to prosperity” outlined in the 22-page Tory “white paper” introduced Thursday include:

rolling Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program into one agency with streamlined rules

submitting all social programs to “value-for-money” audits

opening up social program delivery to non-profit agencies, charities or the private sector

a requirement for individualized employment plans that detail the monthly activities required to qualify for income support

steadily declining benefits, to discourage long-term reliance on welfare cheques

the implementation of a “benefits-directed debit smart card system” to ensure benefits are spent on essential food items rather than other expenses.
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The last highlight of their “paths to prosperity” is to issue a “smart” debit card to recipients. Makes sense right? Blocking the ability for them to purchase any of the unwanted items.

But sadly like most idea’s that seem to make sense. It is only a first stage. Using a government issued “smart” card would mean that government agents (employees) will be able to track and access all records for everything that these people buy. There are many books and documentary’s out there, that spell out how this type of control can go wrong.

Envision a future where every purchase you make is stored in a database. Later in life you develop a disease, for this I will use the example of diabetes. Doctors will be able to look into your history and conclude that you treatment should cost X amount of dollars more, because you purchased chocolate ice cream on a regular basis.

And as most totalitarian laws/regulations. The low income, impoverished people will be affected first.

This type of totalitarianism in not needed. The human race is a innovative beautiful thing! We can adapt, problem solve, and figure out some of the most difficult questions in life. It is time to use that, in fixing these everyday problems rather than turning to big daddy government to do it for us!


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