In Focus: Kenya on the brink [video]

March 4, 2013

IMF food subsidy cuts, import-dependent staple food, an independence movement by Muslims in Mombasa and many more, has put Kenya in serious trouble. Hunger speculators lead by financial terrorists such as Goldman Sachs are using the drought in the USA, the world’s largest producer of maize and corn, to drive prices to what are predicted to be record levels, more than doubling by early 2013. This forces Kenya’s imported maize dependent population’s malnutrition rate into meltdown status. It was record food prices that triggered the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia and Egypt and Kenya stands on the brink of a similar explosion.

The US instigated Kenya’s criminally foolhardy invasion of Somalia and has landed the Kenyan military, an ill-disciplined, brutal and corrupt band of uniformed hoodlums, in a quagmire that is spreading the flames of rebellion throughout Kenya’s north eastern Somali population. “Riots” and “terrorist attacks on police” are taking place mainly in the port city of Mombassa, home to a simmering independence movement amongst the long marginalized Muslim population. On this week’s INFocus, we discuss if Kenya will see a civil war splinter the country in 2013.

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