Georgia Law Could Require 1400 Town Residents to Arm Themselves

By Shepard Ambellas
March 13, 2013

NELSON, GA — The town of Nelson is now making headlines as city council members propose a new law that will make it mandatory for the Head of Household to own a firearm as the recent Sandy Hook School shooting has scarred residents that they might lose their 2nd Amendment rights. If passed on April 1, 2013 the law will require nearly 1400 residents to own firearms in a town with virtually no crime.

One citizen said to the AP, “We got the right to bear arms and we’re going to do it” while another was quoted, “This is appalling that the city would come up with a sham ordinance like this one”.

Locals question if the law will even be enforced and also wonder if it isn’t enforced what other laws will then slip.

However the actual proposal of the was backed by the police chief.





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